they're not welcome.
I put some bird feed out this year for the first time. Cardinals, white throat sparrows, wrens, finch all come and quietly get a meal. A bit of darting and squawking at one another.
I sprinkled in some grated parmesan cheese, THEY LOVE IT.
Blue-jays/starlings have discovered the bird-seed and think it's all theirs.

When I walk outside the song birds fly off 15 - 30 feet away, Jays fly 50-75 yards away, starlings go out of sight -gone at the first movement of the sliding glass door.
I have yet to get a shot with the fixed barrel Gamo Royale, love that air-rifle.
When I lived in Idaho I killed a few thousand grey diggers with it. No idea how many crows/starlings/sparrows/pidgeons at least a few hundred.
Knocked a big crow out of the top of a big tree last week. Love me a yard safari.

PRESIDENT TRUMP 2024/2028 !!!!!!!!!!

chipsNdips,, honey hand me another pepsi,, love this barca lounger and big screen TV,, ahh - life is good