This is the latest from David Baldacci and is about single mom Mickey Gibson. Gibson is a former cop who married a bum, had a couple of children, and the husband then took off. With her investigative talent she goes to work for a private company that hunts for money hidden by crooks. This runs into a lot of money.

One day when she is off work she gets a telephone call from a new employee at her firm telling her that she is supposed to investigate and inventory a vacant home of an arms dealer. She goes to the address and finds the dealer. But, he's deader than a doornail. And, he's restrained, sitting in a chair. Cause of death is found to be unusual poisoning. And he is known to have stolen a LOT of money from the mob, as he was their accountant. And, he is one very bad guy. Thus the mystery starts. Funny how money and hidden treasure brings people out to sniff around, and some are very bad people.

The woman who sent her on this goose chase is not an employee of the firm and everything she says is a lie. What has Gibson been drawn into?

Thus starts the whole, confusing tale. There are many characters and little is as it appears. And some apparent good guys, aren't. The bad guys are as expected.

The book is over 400 pages and is well written and a very good mystery novel. Recommended, as usual for a Baldacci book.

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