As some of you may have already read, I've experienced some problems with my new SBE cycling the lighter loads. Spent some time on the phone with a Benelli gunsmith and got the following information...Please pass this along to all your Benelli owning friends. <BR>Here are his recommendations on my SBE (and some other very interesting points that aren't mentioned in the owners manual or web-site).<P>Cycling shells: first and most important is to make sure the bolt rails and recoil springs are properly lubricated! Do not clean these parts with a solvent or bore cleaner or break cleaner. They simply need to be wiped down with a paper towel, then oiled liberally. Something synthetic (Rem-Oil, Teflon, etc.) NO WD-40, no dry lube or nothing like these at all! I told him I installed the recoil suppressor and he said that will have an effect on cycling the light loads. In order to cycle the light 1-1/8 loads I will need to remove the suppressor.<P>Stock spring: Important to make sure the spring in the stock is clean and oiled. If you hunt a lot in marsh or water, make sure you check this spring. He actually recommended drilling a small hole in the stock so it can drain. The bold on that spring is installed with lock-tite and will need to be heated to 200 degrees to be removed. Carter recommended having a gunsmith remove and clean this spring, then drill a hole and install a roll pin. This spring needs to have a roll pin or be installed with lock-tite or it will work itself loose when shooting. I asked about stainless steel replacement springs and he did not think they were worth the money. <P>Recoil: Said the recoil suppressor will definitely effect light shell cycling. He explained that the primary reason this gun hits me harder than my Rem 1100 is weight. Gas operated guns take about 4-5% of the recoil out because of their design. He feels the Browning A-5 is harsher on the shoulder than his SBE. I&#8217;m getting used to the recoil<P>Barrel / Choke tubes: Should never have to use the Hopps #9 bore solvent in this gun. Barrel is chrome lined. His recommendation is to run some 4/0 steel wool down the barrel if I every get a lot of plastic fouling or residue. He recommended cleaning the choke tubes on a regular basis and using a choke tube anti-seize lubricant on them.<P>Well, spent about 20 minutes picking this guy&#8217;s brain and am pretty satisfied.<P>Final Results: After liberally applying Rem Oil to the gun, I'm very pleased with my Super Black Eagle. I shot three boxes of 1-1/8 oz. loads with only one fail to cycle (I didn't have the gun in my shoulder all the way...I've been told you need to keep it tight in order for the inertia system to work properly). I even tried a box of 1 oz. loads and didn't miss a shell! <P>Daubs