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Six Enterprises was Lee Six's company. All injection molded stocks are a handle at best. The original fibreglass stocks weighed in the 22 oz range. GD

True, the six enterprises stock is injection molded.

Guess the synthetic takeoff rem 700 injection moulded stock I used a few months ago to replace the wood adl stock on my 22-250 is fooling my action. It printed around 5/8" groups with my squirrel loads in the ADL stock, and made 2 - 1/2" 5 shot groups in the injection molded ( bedded) stock. Better not tell the gun it's got just a handle on it....... at best.

I did make sure the forearm won't touch the barrel under pressure of sandbags or a bipod.... IMHO the only issue an injection molded stock has once a good bedding job is done.

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