I went shooting with my cousin on my uncle's farm this weekend with my new .410 made by Poly Technologies. It is a single shot and is made up to resemble an AR 15. It has a M4 type stock by Advance Technologies. I bought the gun new from a pawn shop in town about a month ago. I was using #6 2 1/2" shells from Rem and Win. The Rem were rated for 1200 fps and the Win were 1275. Both were 1/2 oz of shot. We were only plinking this session to try out the new gun to make sure it seemed totally functional. I will probably take it another weekend to try to test and see what kind of patterns I can get. The shotgun has an eighteen inch barrel with full choke. I was really impressed with the ammo that I was using since it came from Wally world and was budget priced.