At Salute Products Inc AR500 Steel Targets are available at a special price. You can find a variety of Steel Targets at reasonable price here. It is best place for purchasing Shooting Targets online. It is the place for purchasing Quality Targets. Almost all of our Salute customers spend considerable money on quality weapons and ammo. Your time and resources are valuable. PLEASE beware of discount gun supply "puppy mills" peddling inferior, particularly foreign products. Not all AR500 Armor Plate is created equal! Our unique Salute "DOD Mil Spec" Base (meets US Department of Defense Military Specifications) is the finest static deflection mounting system in the world. But it functions best when coupled with Salute approved AR500 Armor Plate. Our Salute Large Spring Base has a different mounting system that does not use welds on the target. For this reason this base works better for high velocity rifle, carbine, and heavy impact shotgun fire. As the Salute Large Targets are heavier and more robust, they donít get flung down as violently when hit, as do our Salute Small Spring Targets on their Bases. Vibration and violent impact can have a very adverse affect on welds, steel tubing, and inferior steel plate. Please remember that our Small Base and Targets are primarily designed for the full range of pistol calibers. Yes, they will hold up to occasional, infrequent, but not high volume heavy usage, hot rifle rounds over a sustained period of time. Our Salute AR500 armor plate is the finest on the market (again note that not all advertised AR500 steel is created equal). We deliberately test our Salute AR500 with .30-06 and .50 cal. Armor Piercing rounds. Sad to say, some of our competition, particularly high volume discount folks in Minnesota and Tennessee, or those claiming to be foremost in world outfitters, farm out their target orders to China, get very inferior products that are hard to classify as true AR500 armor plate. Yes, we test not just our own, but those who try to copy our designs! At Salute, we are American shooters first, not to mention combat veteran owned and operated. As our guys in the shop say of other brands: "BUY CHEAP, BUY TWICE."