After all the punishment my pickup has taken over the years, and how durable and amazing that Line X has been, I decided to pull the trigger and get the Rhino done too.

They had never done a Rhino before ( any SxS), but once it was done I cannot imagine anyone that uses one to work with would not have this done. 150 bucks, and that bed is now almost bullet proof!

The Lining is so thick that the hardware in the bottom of the bed is hard to see. Hope I never have to take it apart, it would have to be chiseled out or maybe a die grinder! It's also much more stable to stand in now, it's not at all slippery, and it's much quieter without annoying rattles and clanging. The sides are done to the top edge, the front is done over the rail, and the tail gate is done complete to the rear facing bottom edge. I had it done in black, however..... I think now I should have done grey. Either way it's a great investment in this 12k$ machine!

Over all it's probably one of the best improvements on this since the winch!
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