Any recommendations for flies- mid-July in high country streams along Green River and higher??
Really pressured trout. Go smaller

Purple haze 14 16
Orange Stim 14 16
Comparadun 16 18

Chernobyl. 8

Griff gnat 18

Lightning bugs. 18 20
Midge. 18 20
Pheasant tail 16 18
Successful with old fly rod, various flies with visible bright brass heads.
Caught our share + of Browns, rainbows and cutthroats.
Packed in with 3 horses and three mules. Very rough country
due to blow downs and storm a year ago. But-great trip.
Good to hear!!!!
I have caught the majority of my wyoming trout on a small purple haze. Hard to imagine a better all around fly.
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