I have been eyeing the Vesper series rods by Moonshine.
Just wanted to see if there are any in the hands of "fire" members
and what the opinions of them are for trout fishing .
I have a Drifter, 7’6” 3wt. Fished it a bit late last year. Seems like a fine rod. Got it on recommendation of a good friend. I Use it in close quarters on mountain streams. Threw some longer line out in the yard; the feel is good not soft and limp, nor too stiff. Felt nicely balanced.
I had one of their nymphing rods a couple years ago. I liked the action and fit/finish. But it was heavy and bad tip-heavy. The balance made it uncomfortable for high-sticking in the Smokey Mtns. No complaints about anything else. Others I know love them. I think they've changed blanks on the nymphing rod now and solved the heavy issue. They seem to be a good company and make beautiful rods.
I don't own one but I have cast 9' 5 wt and liked it quite a bit. I am tempted to buy one after that. I've always been a Sage snob but the way they are being run lately, I'm starting to look in other places and Moonshine is right at the top. I thought the Vesper cast every bit as good as my Sage X in the same size and the finish of the rod was every bit as good also. Lifetime warranty and 2 rod tips is kinda whats pushing me over to them.
I looked online yesterday at those. They seem to get good reviews. I was looking at 3wt set ups and ran into Moonshine rods. Im a saltwater guy so a babe in the woods on anything under a 8 wt. Seems a lot to learn about trout fishing. I did a lot of research 10 years ago on fishing alpine lakes as I was taking an atv trip in Colorado and fishing was on the plan. Forgot most of what I book learned. I must have reckoned I was going to get into it as I sure have a ton of gear for it.
I'm going.to give in and order one soon. They have good reviews and those that have replied seem to like them. I have damn sure wasted money on worse things.
I bought a 3wt drifter, when I saw made in china all over it I was not happy. It is okay for the price if you like supporting the communist economy. I will not buy anything else from them.
Well sumbuck, so much for their claim to be American made.
Could it be that the blanks are from China and actual selection/matching and finishing, ect. are done here? An ad I saw showed what looked to be a good old boy, beer-drinking 'murican' doing the hand finishing part smile
I've kicked around buying one of their 7.5' 3 weights for some mountain tiny trout fishing. Found this article about country of origin. Basically everything is overseas, except their top of the line rod and it is assembled here from components from everywhere.


Originally Posted by From the linked article
Where Are Moonshine Fly Rods Made?
Moonshine has two main groups of fly rods. The first is their Series rods, including the Vesper, Drifter, Epiphany, Rambler, Revival, and Outcast. Depending on the specific model, these rods are assembled in either China or South Korea. These are basically their standard factory rods.

Moonshine assembles the Midnight Special rods in the US from both imported and US-made components. Check out their awesome videos where they turn the reel seat inserts and grips by hand.

The Midnight Special rods are their custom shop range featuring unique cork grips and eye-catching reel seat inserts. If you like the look of these rods, you’ll have to jump quick as they’re pieces of art that sell like hot fries. If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, make sure to revisit their site regularly as they frequently upload new models.

There’s a misconception that rods, blanks, and components made in the East are of poor quality. Although this might be the case in some instances, it’s surely not the norm. The components used by Moonshine that are sourced in the East are top quality. The blanks, especially on the Vesper and Outcast models, are without fault.
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