Re-doing a fly rod

Posted By: Offshoreman

Re-doing a fly rod - 03/24/20

Any guys out there that re-do eyes on a fly rod without breaking my bank? I figure some of you home rod builders could be looking for something to do. I have an older Loomis 8-wt that I would like to have the yes re-wrapped and maybe a coat of rod varnish afterwards. Please PM if interested.

Thanks much.
Posted By: ribka

Re: Re-doing a fly rod - 03/25/20

I would but Im no craftsman. lol. Usually there is a local guys that build roads. Check with your area tackle shops

I love to older Loomis rods especially the IMX's in 6 wts and under and GLX's in heavier weights
Posted By: 1minute

Re: Re-doing a fly rod - 03/25/20

Do a little "You Tubing" and take it on yourself. Most difficult part is devising some equipment to turn the rod while the epoxy or varnish cures. Even that aspect can be relatively inexpensive as I can find rotissiere motors in second had stores for just a couple bucks.
Posted By: rrconductor

Re: Re-doing a fly rod - 04/06/20

Where are you located in SC?
Posted By: Offshoreman

Re: Re-doing a fly rod - 04/06/20

Walterboro - you?

I'll send you a PM
Posted By: Sasha_and_Abby

Re: Re-doing a fly rod - 04/07/20

Barrons here in Columbia does it.
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