Posted By: Monkeymaster 20 ga sabot reloads - 09/22/22
Was trying to find some 20ga loads for 2 3/4" hulls, using 250 grain .452 pistol bullets or 250 grain muzzle loading bullets in a 20 gauge, with a rifled barrel.

Can't seem to find much for information, but I may be typing in all the wrong words.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: woodmaster81 Re: 20 ga sabot reloads - 09/23/22
All I've seen utilized the Lyman mould. It would be nice to find something I could use with 45 caliber bullets but I haven't seen anything either.
Posted By: Monkeymaster Re: 20 ga sabot reloads - 09/23/22
I just "found" and bought, some 250 grain sst Hornady 2 3/4 sabot shells for 15.00 per box of 5.
These will be used this season.
I will, by next fall, have tried some reloaded by me sabot shells, to see if there is an alternative.
I am hoping someone has a load or two I could start with.
Posted By: LeonHitchcox Re: 20 ga sabot reloads - 09/27/22
The sabots are out there, but for the life of me I can't remember the website. I was just getting into sabot shooting for a hunt on a federal reservation that that was shotgun only. Ice storm cancelled the hunt and reservation later went muzzleloader also, so I stuck the 20 gauge slug barrel in the closet and forgot about it. Good luck on the search.
Posted By: Dancing Bear Re: 20 ga sabot reloads - 09/28/22
https://www.ballisticproducts.com/ - These folks have the most info I know of on the subject.

https://bushcraftusa.com/forum/threads/12-ga-shotgun-slugs.334592/ - Bushcraft USA alsohas a broad ranging thread on the subject you may find interesting.
Posted By: Monkeymaster Re: 20 ga sabot reloads - 09/29/22
Thank you for the information.
They have some items that I am interested in.
Any more information is appreciated.
Thanks again
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