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slug penetration data - 01/17/16

Looking for comparative shotgun slug penetration test info for a friend. He's looking for the slug that will give him greatest slug penetration for black bear. thank you.
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Re: slug penetration data - 01/17/16

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Re: slug penetration data - 01/18/16

Ballistic Products? They seem to know everything shotgun.
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Re: slug penetration data - 05/16/20

Foster slugs made for smooth bore barrels are made of soft lead so not to damage barrel and as a results are poor for penetration .
For rifle barrels sabots offer a variety of slug from soft to deep penetrators, those that prnrtrate the best basically use copper pistol bullets in either the 50 caliber or 45, hollow points are made to expand hence less peneration. Go to mfg site for penetration results
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Re: slug penetration data - 05/16/20

For smooth bores-

Brenneke Black Magic, Classic Magnum, or K.O. They are made for large game and are what I have seen the most of in shotguns in Alaska.

For sabots, Brennekes again with their copper slug or whomever is using a Barnes sabot. Both of them penetrate like crazy.
Posted By: SheriffJoe

Re: slug penetration data - 05/16/20

Would concur on the Brenneke Black Magic slugs.
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