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Posted By: colorado bob

Walmart Score - 02/17/20

Walmart is having a $5 a box clearance on top of the line shot shells. AA, Gold Medal, Remington Nitro's. I got them at 1145fps, 1200fps, 1235fps, 1250 fps and some at 1300fps. They were mostly #8's but several were 7 1/2's. I got 96 boxes over the weekend at my local 2 Wally Worlds.

I can't use the 1300 fps at ATA shoots but they should make a great dove load.

I usually wait for Winchester to have their $2 a box rebate for AA. But this year no clipping the proof of purchase & mailing them in.
Posted By: woodmaster81

Re: Walmart Score - 02/18/20

I did the same thing but snapped up all the 28 and 410 AA shells at the same price. I didn't really need the 410 as I still have a full case (500 rounds) of the old style cases in addition to several hundred multi-fired but I could not pass up a deal.

To go with it, I stopped at another store and picked up 5000 28 ga WWAHS wads for reloading that were being clearanced out. That was a little less than $80 after tax.

It looks like I'll be using my little guns more often for league sporting clays this year.

Almost forgot, the Winchester Blind Side or whatever it's called was on sale at Walmart too. I grabbed several boxes of 12 ga, 3" shells for $7 each. 3.5" was going for $9 a box but I didn't bite. I should have as a buddy would have bought/traded for them.
Posted By: bobski

Re: Walmart Score - 02/19/20

as polite as colo bob is to alert us to this deal, I had to pass. i have to stop buying and start shooting!
if I shoot every week for the rest of my life....i'll die before I shoot the last loaded round I got, in every ga including 10ga and 16 ga!
Posted By: woodmaster81

Re: Walmart Score - 02/20/20

I can relate! I've started reloading ALL my empty shotshells and brass just to condense the area taken up by individual components. It looks like I'm realizing an increase in space of around 40% so far. Shotshells and pistol rounds appear to have the greatest affect though I've limited most of my rifle loading to the 223 Rem at this point.
Posted By: nick

Re: Walmart Score - 02/20/20

Not a big fan of Walmart, but I always check the sporting goods section and sometimes run across nice deals on ammo.
Posted By: woods_walker

Re: Walmart Score - 02/21/20

Stopped in for windshield wiper solvent and remembered this post. Shelves were almost clean at my store. Grabbed the last three boxes of 20 gauge AA Super Sport Sporting Clays 7/8oz 71/2 shot. At five bucks each a nice find.
Posted By: ldholton

Re: Walmart Score - 03/20/20

I just picked up 20 boxes of STS premium Nitro 27 1 1/8 oz. HDCP load for $5 a box Clearance sell
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