On the Florida house of representative the bill HB 103 – Carrying a firearm without licenses, is on the following comities:

Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee
Chair: Robert Charles Brannan III (R)
Contact Info.:

Agriculture & Natural Resources Appropriations Subcommittee
Chair: Josie Tomkow (R)
Contact Info.: https://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sect...mber.aspx?MemberId=4704&SessionId=93

Judiciary committee
Chair: Erin Grall (R)
Contact Info.:

Please contact these chairs so they push this bill for a floor vote. Remember that next year is a election year and they should vote in favor of the bill if they want your vote.
Let’s give a push for the bill so we become the twenty second state to adopt constitutional carry.
Thank you.
If you can, please copy paste my first post with the constitutional carry information and links, in any appropriate forum, etc. Thanks.
Anthony Sabatini is the creator of the bill HB 103, he has introduced the same bill several times. We should contact him, so he puts an effort moving it forward especially if some committee chairs or others are putting road blocks on the legislation.
His contact info is:

The Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee link is bellow:

If you have any members in the above subcommittee that are also your representative; message them explaining your interest in the legislation. Continue contacting the chairman of the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee and ask him why he is holding up HB 103.

The more we contact our legislators and express our displeasure on their performance, the more things we will get done. Democracy takes effort and if we don’t do our part then we don’t get what we want. So let’s carry out some effort on this.

Also there seems to be an interest in the Florida Senate.

See the following YouTube videos that show there is some enthusiasm for Constitutional Carry legislation.



Please contact:

President of the Florida Senate:
Senator: Wilton Simpson (R)
Contact Info.:

Majority Leader:
Senator: Debbie Mayfield (R)
Contact Info.:

GOP Chair:
Senator: Joe Gruters (R)
Contact Info.:
Thanks for information, let's hope it gets approved.
these bills get introduced every year. The GOP kills them in the Senate committee. RINO's are killing us
On January 11, 2022 the legislative session of the Florida Legislators will begin, and end on March 11, 2022. We have an opportunity a very good one to get passed the Constitutional Carry law, bill: HB 103. The Republicans seem amiable to the idea, and the Governor said he would sign it into law. We have a once in a decade, perhaps longer, to get this passed. But we have to do our part by contacting or visiting our state legislators, in both the Florida House and the Senate, so to put their feet to the fire. The anti gunners move ahead their legislations because they don’t give up on their quest. We have a tendency to lose our way and give up easily, always saying that they put out the same bill every year, etc.

In conclusion let’s do all we can do to get this done, every victory on our side is a way of disheartening the opposition. If it doesn’t pass we have only to blame ourselves.
i hope the best for your state my state of Minnesota because of the sh-t hole Twin Cities with all the lollypop snowflakes with a huge population of welfare always out votes the rest of the entire state with just 1
liberal county Hennepin.
Watch Florida State Rep. Michelle Salzman, in her explanation of why she is not voting for the Constitutional Carry bill HB 103 currently in the house. This shows what little regard our so called “betters” have for us “the great unwashed” that vote for them, in hope they represent us. It seems that George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, etc. “campaign contributions” are more important. I think all Republicans should be primaried. It may not be possible to get rid of all of them, but they will have to spend some of their ill gotten gains to keep their jobs. In other words we hit them in their wallet.
In the meantime continue calling, emailing them and visiting your representative.

See video below:

Take a look at what our Florida State representatives think or their constituents.

Handing out petitions to the aid of honorable ROBERT CHARLES "CHUCK" BRANNAN III and our representative running from the delegation handing the petitions to the aid:



The aid of the honorable ROBERT CHARLES "CHUCK" BRANNAN III has thrown out petitions:


I suggest that WE CALL our representatives in the Florida House and also the Speaker of the House and the Honorable ROBERT CHARLES "CHUCK" BRANNAN III and explain that we understand that we are nothing more than garbage to them because they throw our petition for HB 103 in the garbage and run away from us when we confront them with our wishes. In the next election, I suggest we primary every Republican in the Florida House.

Speaker of the house is:
Phone: (850) 717-5065

Sub comity Chairman
Phone: (850) 717-5010

Link to find your legislator:

I want to thank all that participated here. And special thanks to those that actually contacted their representatives and tried to move these RINOS in order to permit us “peons” in having out rights back, by having Constitutional Carry in Florida.

I suggest we primary each and every Republican in the Florida Legislature (House and Senate). I don’t care if the representative is supposed to be a good guy, if this is the way you think then where were they supporting bill HB103? This had to be withdrawn because our “betters” were more than happy to receive: Soros, Blumberg, Disney , etc monies. They also were more than happy in 2018, to pass the Parkland shooting laws under Gov. Rick Scott and the RHINO Republicans in the Florida legislature; it wasn’t the Democrats that did it.

Until we put the fear of us in them, they will continue to drop our petitions in the trash. Because they think us to be nothing more than trash ourselves. If we continue to vote for these people we deserve everything they do to us.

Again thank you for your effort.
Please contact Governor Ron DeSantis, and tell him that we want a special session of the Florida Legislature. To address the Constitutional Carry laws in our state.

Use this link that GOA provided to write to the Governor.

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