Posted By: RipSnort How many whitetail deer..... - 05/25/22
How many whitetail deer does your household consume every year? It doesn't matter if you live alone or have 10 kids and your in-laws living with you. Don't include the deer that you share with those outside of your house or that you give to Hunters For The Hungry, etc. Just the deer that are consumed under your roof.

Thanks, RS
One has worked for me and the wife for years.
Two usually takes care of us.
Wife and I used to eat 4 or 5.
Now with two kids, we don't get as many.
One. My wife cooks it but doesn’t eat it.
One or two
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One a year usually. If I kill a second deer, I usually donate to Hunters for the Hungry.
Two is good, three is better. My wife and I love it. I cook it lots of different ways.
Two as I'm the only one who eats venison.
1 usually, and one is usually too much. I mainly kill for wall decoration.

Matter of fact just today, I sent 2 sections of backstrap off to the Lab (s)

Had to make room for 2 bologna chubs and 40 more beef hamburger patties for holiday cookouts

Old Dirty Bastard will take a leak right out in the skreet and grind backstrap up for jerky.
Ideally, as many as I legally can.
But usually 1 or 2 is enough to take up
the allotted storage space. It all gets
really depends on the size of the deer. This past year I only put four in the freezer and ran out of meat about a month ago, except a little burger and sausage left.
3-4 for the wife and I. We shoot it, gut it, skin it, bone it out and do all the grinding. We generally go thru 80 pounds of burger a year. Some we take to cook outs. Always a pleasure listening to someone saying they don’t like venison as they chomp down on a venison burger.
5 to 7
Everyone in these parts prefers Bar S hotdogs and Bud Ice.

No one wants deer. I only have 1 gent that will take a deer and I have to almost twist his arm. They want me to skin it for them and hang it 3-4 days in my cooler and then bring it to them. Of they want a couple days notice and such.

. I started giving them to the food bank program.
Originally Posted by Snowwolfe
. . . Always a pleasure listening to someone saying they don’t like venison as they chomp down on a venison burger.

Always satisfying serving someone a dish of
properly cared for and prepared game.
Funny to hear someone cussing out venison
or rabbit, squirrel, etc. while they gobble one
bite after another.
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Used to do 5 or 6 when the kids were home, plus caribou, elk, moose or mule deer every couple of years. Now two deer will do it, unless I hunt other, bigger game. Then I keep that and give the deer away.
We need at least 3 but can eat as many as 5-6. Deer run a little small where I hunt though.
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Usually two, but sometimes three is needed. Depends on the Daughters and what they want. I always ask before season starts, what they think they want. miles
I only put up two small WT this year, but had a whole elk, so probably only needed one WT.
Good evening, I trust this finds you well.

While I'm cognizant you've asked about whitetails, we've averaged more mulies than whitetails over the years, so I'll answer in "deer" if that's okay.

When the girls were still at home and hunting, one year we ate 6 local bucks, but that was unusual even for us.

These days when it's just my wife and I giving venison to the kids when they visit, we'll average a wee bit less than 2 bucks a year.

All the best.

Normally put up 3.
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Depending on size, my wife and I eat 2-3 caribou annually, with a few pounds of burger going to one son. The 3 of us got a big bull, a medium bull, and a yearling bull last year. It will be about gone by season (August 10)

If it was deer, it would likely be about 5-6.

If it is moose, about 1/2, but that was usually with a caribou or sheep thrown in.
One or two . About half the time one of them is a mulie or blacktail.
Myself, the GF and her two kids put 4 in the freezer last season (Muley buck, Whitetail buck, whitetail does). Can already see some of the shelves.
We prefer cat...

[Linked Image from i.postimg.cc]

Deer... 4+/- (dogs get about 40% of that).
At least 4 just for the wife and I....and those are at least 150 lbs dressed bucks....I never add filler to the burger....
4 or 5 for our family of 3
One. At the most two.
One every two or three years; that's my success rate here in NH.
2...usually a buck and a doe
90% becomes jerky to be et throughout the year
3-4, plus an elk if I’m fortunate. It’s the only meat we eat (plus chicken of course)
If I’m able to take 3 I usually stop at that as my wife doesn’t like venison as much as I do.
My family won't eat it, so I've gotten more selective about what I shoot and only take a buck every couple of years. I do shoot does and share them with people.
one is enough i buy a 1/2 beef every fall now , beef burgers are very tasty out of a corn beef angus always. when kids were home 3 - 4 deer, antelope ,elk or what ever my kids liked alot of meat.
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I eat a lot of big game meat counting Exotics, maybe about 1/2 a Whitetail, but I cull a bunch every year and give the meat away. Rio7
1 a year
I kill 1-3 per year, almost always with bow/arrow. I give them to people who need the meat. We much prefer marbled well aged angus.
I'm gonna kill at least 2 maybe 3 early season does.
Maybe 1 or 2 more depending on freezer space once I see how much can fit.
Hams and backstraps ground up into burger mixed with ground pork.
Out of a 85 to 100 pd doe I might get 30 35 40 pds of burger max.
That's it...

Honk for Joey is driving it cause I aint ate deer meat in probably 8 or 9 yrs.

When a round steak cost 5.99 to 6.99 a pound.
And 70 30 or 80 20 hamburger is 3.99 to 5.99 a pound...

Hamurger helper, fozzie burgers, meatloaf with deer burger is much more economical with my 10 buck lifetime hunting license.

Be too easy killing does within 2 or 300 yds of my truck in various places I know.

You snort and blow, foot stomp, head bob and your miss smart doe giving the other ones in your little group a education.
Your gonna get a 3 inch 20 gauge accutip heading your way.
Then when the rest bolt and stop and do the WTF rountine like they always do.
Another accutip will be on the way.

1st 2 kills with my 220 were does in that manner.
Coulda killed 3 easy that morning.
But 2 was enough to get back to the truck cause I had just had a hernia repair surgery about 3 weeks prior.
Got em to the road, easy drag and gutted em in the ditch and waited for someone to come by and help me throw em in the bed of the truck, then off to donate em.

Much rather have a McDonald's quarter pounder to tell the truth...

But Honk for Joey has made the price of those skyrocket also.

Me and Khanarella have changed alot of our buying patterns and we are not struggling by far.
Just simple things like not buying paper plates to feed the cats on
Or buying Dixie cups for me to put my microwaved water into for my instant coffee.
Using small dish towels instead of paper towels.
Grocerie shopping buying sale and coupon items, or off brand stuff.
Cooking my own meals alot more, choosing less expensive items.

Negating inflation as best we can.
I did the math on our monthly savings of roughly 1400 to 1500 a month and want to keep it in that range as best as possible without having Honk for Joey making it waaaaay less.

I hate that cocksukka and all Liberal Socialist Democrats....

I can only imagine what it is like for working families with kids now who dont qualify for unca sugar handout schit. Making ends meet living within a budget that is being affected by Honk for Joey.
Between 0-1. I’m not a big deer venison fan. I’ve ate elk and liked it. Bison is good almost just like beef. I like grouse and pheasant but deer at it’s best only comes close to beef IMO but much more sensitive to being over cooked or not done just right.
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I’m very selective on the deer I take off my place but it’s usually just 1 as that’s about all the wife and I eat every year.
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I have one made into sausage
3 to 4 for wife and myself. Majority is burger, which is used in soup, spaghetti, tacos, etc....
1-2 is all we need.
3 or 4
Three. We eat venison 2-3 times a week between my wife, me and little boy.
Probably less than one deer's worth of meat a year. My wife won't eat it.

I'll accumulate enough meat so that when I get about 60 lbs. of boneless, I'll take it to the butcher and have it ground up. I'll have them take 30 lbs. and mix 20% beef fat with it and make burger in 1 lbs. plastic tubes. The other 30 lbs. get mixed with 20% pork fat and get's made into hot Italian sausage in casings and vacuum packed. The back straps get cleaned and cut into one serving sized pieces and vacuum packed. I'll keep a couple of roasts for an emergency (food shortage).

After I get my freezer filled, I start giving them away. I've got a guy who works for me, gets hooked up with a needy family through his church. Wounded soldier type of thing. Him and his BIL are getting older and can't hunt much. His BIL has a cold box and he'll take all of the deer I can give him on the hoof. If he gets filled up, I've got a Hispanic guy that works for me that'll take all I can give him, but he needs it cut up. After that, I donate them to FHFH.

My daughter still lives with us and she uses the burger for tacos, chili, and spaghetti sauce. I'll eat back straps or Italian sausage on the grill, when the wife isn't home for dinner. I'll make jerky when I feel like it and that doesn't last long.

When hunting season comes back in, everything left gets rotated out and start over. The guys at work will take it.

P.S.- Like others have said, it's fun to take some of that Italian sausage to a party and grill it up. Then watch the look on peoples faces when I tell them they just had deer meat. It changes their outlook on consuming wild game.
2, sometimes 3.
One, now that it's just two of of us. When our boys were growing up it was eight.
1 - 2
3-4, probably 60% steaks, 40% burger.
1 might take us through 2 years and I don't kill one just to say I did like to many so called hunters do.
One average doe and half of a yearling (split with relative) so far has gotten us thru since November but we are going to run out in a month or so.

Guess I need to bring home at least two deer this fall.
One, if I'm lucky enough to get out.
In today's economy, deer populations may take a big hit.
I used to take 3 to 5 a year.
Both of us over 70, we don't eat as much.
Butterfly the loins.
Grind the remainder. Ground meat and smoked link (think kielbasa) sausage.
The link is for snacks, beans and the occasional sandwich!
Family of 5

We put 5-7 a year up on average the past 6 years

Last year only 4 as I gave the rutting buck I killed in Ohio to the guy that manages the farm I hunted on. He likes summer sausage and makes it out of the bucks. I did keep the back straps though

Can some for stews and soups
Grind a bunch
Make breakfast sausage and brats

Tenderloin for the grill!
When I had a lot of foster kids plus my own 6 wasn’t enough. Now it’s just me and 2 is enough.
1 or 2 depending on size.
We dont do deer burger except to make jerky from it.
Kids do that, eat it about as fast as they make it LOL

I havent had a deer in the freezer last 2 yrs.
Even recurve doe seems blah.

Rather somebody else put slicks in my freezer but the only kid that wants to hunt cant handle cold due to medical. Told her Id get her a Mathews X bow and ground blind if she wanted to go early October.
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1 or 2.Sometimes I shoot 2,3 for my dogs.
One is plenty, my wife doesn't care for much venison except jerky.
1-2 for wife and me. It's axis though, not whitetail.
We love deer meat, our minimum would be 2 max 4 - 2 off our property & try for 2 does off crown land !!!

& fish

& grouse

The odd bear, too.

Love moose, but not hunting them anymore - fugged up regs & draw system.

& our free range eggs

& our garden produce

& the local guy's lamb

& the local farmer's ground angus.

Hate buying store bought.
Beef put a damper on eating venison in our house. We only eat a couple of deer a year at the most anymore.
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It's down to just me and the dog now.... 1 or 2 will see us thru... Last year I got 5.

A little carryover will let me spend a little more time bird hunting this fall instead of standing in a tree...
1-3 here, 2 about right tho! We eat alot of burger and steaks!
Butcher them yourself !!!

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Grind them & pack them yourself, when it's -40* & you can't go ice fishing !!!

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

I eat four , usually three small to average size does and one bigger buck. Our does are smaller on average. I dont eat much pork, beef or chicken. Mostly venison and fish.
2 min. Sometimes 3. If we take a 4th it’s for my uncle.
Tenderloin and fish into steaks, rest ground. Don’t fool with roasts any longer. If we do it’s a neck roast cooked fresh at the time in red wine, onions and some seasonings.
4 or5. Killed 6 a couple of years when the kids were home and we ate it all.
My wife and I have been married almost 30 years and haven't bought ground beef since the first year. We eat game and fish often.
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2 plump does will feed me and the wife for a year.
Originally Posted by New_2_99s
Butcher them yourself !!!

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Grind them & pack them yourself, when it's -40* & you can't go ice fishing !!!

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

That looks great. I don't want my deer hanging around with gut shot, half azz rotten deer at the processors. He'll most of the time around here you don't even get your deer.
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