1899 Savage 250/3000

Posted By: vixen

1899 Savage 250/3000 - 04/23/19

I found a fairly decent one recently in a Pawn Shop. I would say it is about 85% and has been drilled and tapped with a Weaver 4X on it. It also has had swivel studs added. They are asking $650 for it. Is this out of line. The rifle looks pretty respectable. Thanks
Posted By: Fireball2

Re: 1899 Savage 250/3000 - 04/23/19

Probably not. Depends on model and whether it was drilled and tapped from the factory, as far as "collector" value. As a shooter it sounds about right. 250-3000 always seems to bring a little more.
Posted By: Tom_in_VT

Re: 1899 Savage 250/3000 - 05/19/19

Seems a little high for one that has been drilled and tapped.
Posted By: WasTexasShooter

Re: 1899 Savage 250/3000 - 05/20/19

You might find the date of manufacture to determine the barrel twist. The older barrels typically will not stabilize the longer 100 grain bullets you may want to use.

Posted By: Calhoun

Re: 1899 Savage 250/3000 - 05/21/19

Originally Posted by Tom_in_AZ
Seems a little high for one that has been drilled and tapped.

Not for a 250-3000, they bring a premium. A nice old vintage 1899 or 99 in 250-3000 that's d&t or sling studs for hunting will run that much. Often the sellers are asking more.

Just my opinion. And not to say that deals aren't out there, but it's getting tougher and tougher to find them.

And +1 to longer bullets being a problem on 99's made before 1960. 87gr Speer Hot Core's work beautifully though.
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