Posted By: George_Carr Quilt Giveaway - 07/07/16
Last year we gave away a topquilt to celebrate our grand opening. We've decided to continue the tradition, and this years prize is a doozy!

What we picked

30° Ghost Pepper topqult
Brick Red Argon 67 outer, Morrocan Blue Argon 67 inner, all white stitching
950 FP Goose down

What you pick


To see a representative quilt (minus the white stitching) and enter for FREE click go to www.locolibregear.com

Posted By: greentimber Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/08/16
Signed up. Thanks George.
Posted By: George_Carr Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/08/16
Originally Posted by greentimber
Signed up. Thanks George.

My pleasure!
Posted By: deflave Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/08/16
I'm signed up but I'm a born loser.

Posted By: George_Carr Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/09/16
Originally Posted by deflave
I'm signed up but I'm a born loser.


You have better odds than those who didn't sign up smile

Posted By: TheBig1 Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/09/16
I'm in, but like Dave lamented to, I never win anything. Lol
Posted By: Rock Chuck Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/09/16
I've won a few things over the years. It must be about time for another one. I'm in.
Posted By: colodog Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/09/16
I don't enter many contests but your products are too tempting.

Thanks George!
Posted By: flattop_johnny Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/09/16
Thanks George for offering up a chance at such a fine quilt!
Posted By: Poconojack Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/09/16
Just entered, Thank You George....
Posted By: MadMooner Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/10/16
I'm in!
Posted By: George_Carr Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/10/16
Last day to enter!Good luck all!
Posted By: Hammerdown Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/10/16
Thanks again.
Posted By: George_Carr Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/10/16
I want to thank everyone who entered our 2nd Annual Loco Libre Gear Quilt Giveaway. We had 525 entries and I read every one of them. I appreciate all of the comments, congrats, and encouragement. I even had one entrant who said if she won to give the quilt to a vet. You guys think I'm awesome, but I feel the same about all of you. It was good to see all of the familiar names, and please understand that I couldn't possibly answer every one, so I'm saying thank you here. I will be posting a pic of the winners quilt when it's finished.

Sooo, without further ado, the winner is Brian Hollomon (next year I'll get forum names). Congratulations Brian!
Posted By: Hammerdown Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/11/16

Good for Brian Hollomon.

Have a good day.
Posted By: Okanagan Re: Quilt Giveaway - 07/11/16
Yes, congrats to Brian. George, thank you for offering this.
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