Posted By: Mak 7.65 x 53 mm, any thoughts? - 08/09/14
Just wondering what folks might think about this old Mauser round, first chambered in the Belgian, then in the Argentinian Military rifles.
Sure, it can be hopped up a bit in the 98 action, but its most found in older, weaker Mauser actions. Noticed Norma still loads this venerable cartridge. Anyway, just wondering...
Not a bad round at all but offers nothing that a 308 or even a 300 savage cant do with less trouble. If I had a nice one I'd sure not hesitate to use it but not sure I'd go to a lot of trouble building or customizing one.
Used to see tons of Argentine 1909s in my area, but havent seen one in awhile. See the 91s all over the place.
I haven't built one yet but it is on my "to do" list. No good reason other than I want one. I would kill to have one of the elusive Winchester 54's or 70's in 7.65 but that ain't gonna happen! I missed a chance at a Remington 30 so chambered a few years ago. I want an actual "Sporting" rifle in 7.65, not a sporterized military, so I plan to get one by rebarreling. Pac-Nor chambers for it. I have a Remington 78 I bought cheap with the intent of using it for a donor, but decided I wanted it in a more classic rifle, so I'll wait until another commercial Mauser comes along for the project
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Well, one of the interesting things about the 7.65x53mm is that its a true .311", and there are still a few folks around who think the .311 is more accurate than the .308".
I'm not sure about strength of brass, but I've never heard of the Mauser brass failing due to too much pressure-now the guns, well that's another thing.
It sure would be great to run across one of those model 70's in the Mauser round. If Norma still loads it, there must be some folks who still hunt with it.
Thanks for the replies.
Isn't an issue for handloaders....

Nice old round.. I've often considered chambering a Ruger 77 for one, just to have something different...

met a guy at an Elk Camp, with Chick Donnelly when he was still alive... he was from over toward Bend... had a 7.65 Mauser that had belonged to his dad, who got it in the 50s... had taken a lot of Oregon Mule Deer, Blacktails and Elk, plus some bears and cougars.....

neither he nor his dad ever felt under gunned...

primary bullet was a 174 grain RN from Hornady...
Mak a semi sporterized Argentina Model 1891 Mauser in 7.65 was my first big game rifle. I had the bolt work done to accept a scope, drilled and tapped the receiver, $42 back then. I re blued the cut down barrel after removing the military sights. Refinished the cut down stock and mounted a 1.5 to 4.5 Bushnell scope. With handloads the gun easily shot 1 MOA at 100 yds with the Hornady 174 gr round nose and 150 gr bullets. I only shot a big gray fox with it, but the exit wound was impressive. He dropped in his tracks. Since then I have acquired many rifles but always had a soft spot for the old Argentina Mauser. I paid $15.95 and also traded in a old .22 bolt rifle for the Mauser in 1965. They could have been bought at local hardware & sporting good stores back then (1964) for $27.95 or less, semi sporterized already. As stated they are very similar in power to a 300 savage, almost as good as a .308 Win. It was a fine rifle to begin my hunting adventures.
Cases are easily made from 30-06 brass.
Now we're in real Looney territory!

If I had a nice '91 or 1909, I would surely want to shoot it, but the notion of deliberately building a 7.65X53 is pretty far out.

I've never seen one for sale, but considering the prices for other rare calibers, a M70 in 7.65 would likely be priced somewhere in the stratosphere.
A .308 class cartridge from the early 1890s-way ahead of it's time imo.
Every blue moon I see a custom Mauser 1891 that has been rechambered to 300 Savage.
I'm presently building one. It's my third iteration of an 1891.
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Yeah, I guess it IS rifle looney territory.
'91's in good shape today tip the wallet to the tune of $300+ dollars, which seems a little steep considering what they used to go for, but then gas used to be 0.25 cents a gallon, and that was for premium.
I can't help but think that this round and rifle could do quite a bit, without having to put up with the muzzle blast of today's 65,000 psi numbers. You can load the same bullets as the .303 British, which has been used all over the UK Commonwealth, so many options are available, but like you gents have said, the 150-174 weight works quite well.
I suppose if someone was interested in seeing what the potential of the 7.65x53mm is, it could be chambered in just about any modern sporter built for .308 Win length cartridges.
I just find it fascinating, but then I guess I'm a closet rifle looney.
If it makes you happy and won't make your babies go without shoes, go for it.

Just don't expect any miracles.

Those '91s are handsome rifles, even as is. Will the magazine work without clips?
Originally Posted by Pappy348

I've never seen one for sale, but considering the prices for other rare calibers, a M70 in 7.65 would likely be priced somewhere in the stratosphere.

There used to be a dealer of rare Winchesters that advertised in the Gun List several years ago. He listed all the rare 70s including 7.65 & 9x57. Asking price even then was like $25,000. There is actually a 7.65 on display at the FN plant here in Columbia, can't remember if it was a 54 or 70 but I'd give my left nut for it...
There was a Winchester M54 in 7.65MM on GB a few months ago.
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The one I have is a Calvary carbine 91, must have been arsenal rework as it is brand new! It's all matching numbers, shot it a few times but just sits in the safe!
I was in a local gunshop a few years ago and they had just bought a small collection and there was a cavalry carbine in 7.65 priced at 275. Told a friend and it was gone when he got there.
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