This should probably go in the general Big Game forum but I thought it might have more implications here. I found this article in the Idaho Statesman Outdoor section last week.

Moscow, ID: University of Idaho game biologists report that large numbers of elk have been found which are the results of interbreeding with antelope. Dr. Max Pseudolous reports that the offspring of this odd mating look exactly like regular elk but have the increased eyesight of antelope, which is estimated to be as powerful as a pair of 8X binoculars.

An article in the upcoming Idaho Fish & Game rules booklet mentions this as well. "These elk are able to see and identify hunters from at least 500 yards away and spook easily, thus necessitating an elk rifle capable of anchoring one of the animals from a minimum of 500 yards." The Fish and Game pamphlet further recommends that hunters wishing to pursue Idaho's premier big game bring a rifle which can reach out an averge of 800-1000 yards if they expect any kind of success.

C. Mon Cense, a retired guide in Stanley, says, "Used to be you could sneak up on an elk and get at least 100-200 yards from it and use a .300 Win. Mag. or some other intermediate powered cartridge, but not anymore. Why, I haven't been able to get closer than maybe 450 yards from one of these new critters, and that's in dense timber. On some of these open meadows, forget it, you ain't gonna [sic] sneak up any closer than maybe 600-700 yards."

When contacted by our reporter about the greatly increased range requirements for elk rifles, a spokesperson at Remington Firearms Company responded by sighing heavily and rolling his eyes.
Was there anything in the magazine about the Jackalope flourishing in southern Idaho?? I have a 404 Jeffrey just for that honery animal! Seems like everything is banging the antelope! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Unfortunately it is just such armament as you mention that is causing the rapid extinction of the jackalope.

However, scientists report sightings of jackalopes wooing tortoises, resulting in the possibility of an exciting new species, Lepus abramsii sub. velocitus, or "jackarmorlope". This new species retains the deadly antlers of the original but combines the speed of the traditional jack rabbit with a reactive armored shell said to be impenetrable by all but TSX-AP bullets. Randy Barnes notes that the design parameters for his new line of Triple Shocks - Armor Piercing will be included in the next manual.
RCBS and Redding have tried to get a jump on this new trend by producing reloading dies in quantity for the new 7mm-50BMG cartridge. The major barrelmakers and reamer producers are in a tizzy trying to figure out a practical way to machine the new adamantine alloy being made by the Harder-N-Hell Metals Company. Stock prices have risen for hearing aid manufacturers in anticipation of increased demand.
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Do you think a 30-700 Nitro will get the job done if I use the 180 grain TSX? What scope and mounts should I use on a gun like this? Heavy barrel, sporter? Length of barrel?
That would work just fine but I'd recommend turrets.

That is, something mounted in a turret, preferably on a tracked vehicle... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
[Linked Image]
Geez, you guys and your damned ATV's! Can't you keep those things on designated trails!? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" /> ( <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />)
I don't know about the 30-700 Nitro, after all it is kinda slow moving compared to the 7mm-50BMG.

You'll want a scope that will allow you to choose which hair to clip at 1000 yards, but you still want to keep it trim since it's a hunting rifle. Maybe one of these compact models will work. (See attachment.)

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Well, getting back to minimum requirements for elk rifles...

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Can you get a McSwirly railway carriage?
15,000 comedians outa work and you guys are trying to be funny?

Might add you're doing a passable job at it too! LMAO

Gotta get me one of those ATV's, makes parking a non issue is my guess.
I understand they are running in herds as well so I upgraded this year. I was thinking of going to target turrets but decided to use tracers instead.

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With regard to the original article, all the hoopla about long range shooting and the investments into 7mm-50BMG rifles might be for nothing. It appears that the new findings funded by a $2.8M grant from the NFS indicate that bald eagle genes are partly responsible for the incredible eyesight of the Idaho elkalopes, which, as already mentioned, equates to nothing less than an 8-power Zeiss (or at worst Leupold) binoculars. While it is not yet fully understood by the researchers how exactly did the eagles participate in the breeding process, the animal rights groups are using the genetic evidence and relation to the protected raptors as grounds to declare the elkalope endangered and federally protected species.
I've heard of these Elkalopes.... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Man, those elkalopes are so tough and fast they are near unkillable.

Here's the real minimum caliber needed for such hunting:


grin. Fine job lads.
I believe that they have found evidence of antelope fertilizing eagle eggs and implanting them in cow elk.

300 win mag is still very capable of taking this rare beast,but do yourself a favor and stay away from the 7mm-08 just won't get the job done....
You would think if the fairer sex of the Antelope were so fast and had such great eyesight, they would see that horney bull Elk coming, and get away. I know my wife can't see or run that well, and she still gets away.Rugerrunner
I killed my first elkalope with my 17HMR at 900yards the mean 17 blew the dammm thing in half..
You would think if the fairer sex of the Antelope were so fast and had such great eyesight, they would see that horney bull Elk coming, and get away. I know my wife can't see or run that well, and she still gets away

More advanced research and observation techniques seem to show that this line of reasoning is actually close to be correct. Apparently, male elk can not breed with female antelope under regular circumstances because antelope run away. However, eagles witnessing such chases apparently get aroused and, having a great speed advantage, dive onto fleeing antelope to mate. Once that occurs, the antelope is usually stunned and slows down to where the elk can then catch up. On two occasions, the eagles were not able to depart before the elk proceeded with mating, after which the eagle could no longer be seen on the outside. The researchers could not agree if they should attempt the eagle recovery efforts and the decision was made that the nature should take its course, especially after seeing one eagle finally emerge a while later and slowly fly away. However, this raises a legitimate question whether this is a threat to the eagles. More research will be required and the wildlife scientists are preparing a proposal to triple the hunting license fees in Idaho to obtain another $1.7M to study this issue.
Ya'll are having way too much fun here. Some one needs to consult with the guys on the "Long Range" forum, especially the one that made a one shot kill at a lazered 2730 yds. I also read in this authorative 24Cf that someone is developing the 19/577 Tyrannasourys for this specialized type of hunting and is comming out with a controlled expansion bullet that guarantees 90% expansion through 55ft of balistic pudding.
I hear that balistic pudding adds 150fps to the average elkalope gun. I like to use it in place of my 4831sc.
I have a pic of a 800lb elkalope.

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Well, of course you don't breed elkalope with a bull elk and a doe antelope, any more than you breed mules with a stallion and a mare burro. You'd kill the poor girl. She'd have a silly grin on her face maybe, but dead nonetheless.

What you need is a buck antelope, a stump for him to stand on (in sagebrush country!) and a cow elk horny or stupid enough to back up to that stump.

I tried to get an advance from Animal Planet for the film, but they weren't convinced.


this works well for dropping those pesky jackalopes

but this is cheating

Honestly that would be fun, trying to shoot a 800+ pound animal that can be clocked at 55+mph.

The new fad would be 500 yard running shots with 338 Ultras and bigger.
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