I need a little bulk ammo for testing a new rifle.
I haven't talked to anyone who has worked with 140 grain American Gunner, but I have heard very good reports of the Federal Non Typical, as far as accuracy and consistency.
Have some to try, but have only used for sighting-in and a handful of groups. So far it's been plenty good in a RAR and Montana. Curious what others have experienced with it too.
It worked just fine in my new 12fv. 2 sub moa 10 shot groups and (1) 1.125" 10 shot group. I bought it mainly for the 50 pcs of brass to start hand loading for the rifle.
I bought a 200 round box of it a while back for the purpose of getting some fire formed brass for the two creeds I am working with. It’s surprisingly accurate given the cost. It is cheaper than buying new hornady brass, around here anyways.
Pretty sure that American Gunner 6.5CM ammo is the exact same thing marketed by Academy under the "Hornady Black" label. If so, it's very, very accurate in my T3X, as is the Fed Non Typical.

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Jg, ill bet that is the same exact chit. I mean good stuff.
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I need a little bulk ammo for testing a new rifle.

Funny you should ask... I just had Beanland fit a Bartlein M24 contour barrel on my rig chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. My son had left some American Gunner with me last time he was home to visit so I shot a few rounds to zero and fireform some brass. Bottom line is four 5-shot groups averaged .478”. Not really sure I’m going to be able to improve on that with handloads. Of the four groups, two of them were in the .3s and one in the .4s. Had it not been for one flyer in one group, they would have averaged in the high .3s or low .4s.

Out of my son’s CTR, it will keep 10 shots a little under MOA.

I have shot a good bit of the Hornady Black in my Remington ADL "tactical" rifle. Guess it's tactical because it's threaded for a brake, or silencer.

Haven't figured out how to post pictures from the image gallery, but here is the link below to some of the groups.

The Hornady Black is keeping close to 1/2 minute groups for 3 shots. The only 10 shot group I've shot printed a 1 MOA group on a hot day with a hot barrel. I figured if it would that, the combo was better than I could shoot anyway.

I've shot plenty of the Black ammo out this rifle but it dotes on the 140 ELDM factory load and that is what I hunted with last year. The black ammo is just as accurate most of the time as the 140 eldm so i use it for practice.


I'll take those groups any day!

I have 4 heavy barrel remingtons, 2 of the 6.5 Creedmoor ADL tactical's (one for me and one for my son), a .243 Varmint, and a .308 5R Milspec. They are all easily Sub-Moa, and most of the time, 1/2 MOA with either factory loads or my handloads. But some days I'm a 1/2 moa shooter and somedays a 1-1.25 moa shooter. But the equipment is not holding me back.

I'm impressed with how well the factory rifles shoot with factory ammo these days. But the 6.5 creedmoor has been one of the easiest as far as just grabbing some reasonably priced factory ammo and going to the range. Zero at 100, run a ballistic program on it and dial up and make hits.

I used to be happy with 1 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards, and for most of the hunting I do here in Alabama that is all you need, even 2 inch groups at 100 yards.

But I can take any of these rifles, range a deer and feel confident making the shot at up to 600 yards.

The "Black" ammo shoots well in my HMR, probably less than 3/4" when I sort it by run-out. I find a couple rounds per box that are out by 6-7 thousandths, while most are 4 or less. It actually kills pretty well, based on a few hogs I have shot with the stuff. Tough to beat for $19.99 a box.
Lax Ammunition has it for under $140 for the bulk 200 round case, and right at $150 delivered.

I ordered a case.

I can't hardly reload it for that.

Hornady 6.5 CREEDMOOR 140 GR. BTHP 200 ROUND CAN (81483) VN4961 1 $136.95
Subtotal $136.95
Shipping & Handling $14.15
Tax $0.00
Total $151.10
Good call at that price.....
Just walked through Sportsmans Warehouse and they had it for $139/200 rounds. With my military discount (5%) and add tax, it was $144 out the door.

So I bought another can.

Shot the LaRue 6.5 Creed today with factory 140 grain “American gunner” Hornady.

No photos but 1/2” @ 100 yards.


Ditto with my Fieldcraft in 6.5 Creed.

I’ll stretch them out in the next week or so.
Have two friends who stopped having rounds handloaded because the american gunner ammo shot so good in their 6.5 Cr.
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