Posted By: kolhoznik Sleeping bag advice - 02/19/15
I am going to do a week backcountry hiking and fly fishing trip to Yellowstone this summer and I need to get a sleeping bag. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good balance between quality and price? I would love to spend less than $100.
Posted By: Tejano Re: Sleeping bag advice - 01/29/20
Check out REI almost all of their gear is good. 1 C note is not much of a budget for down bags but will get you a decent synthetic one. Also check out Sierra Trading Post for some good deals, stay with the name brands as they have a range of quality. This one fits the bill: https://www.sierra.com/kelty-20-f-tuck-ex-thermapro-sleeping-bag-mummy

Bags I have owned or used and liked were: Sierra, North Face, Marmot, REI, Jacks Bags, Kelty, Big Agnes and some others I don't recall. I have one that is forty years old with lots of duck tape patches but still good. All the synthetic bags didn't last half as long. Get a tall one and if you are not used to a Mummy get one with a box foot to it, a semi mummy.

Get one rated for three season use as I have had fairly heavy snows in Yellowstone even during the summer. Also get a self inflating foam mattress like a Thermo-Rest, they really make a difference.
Posted By: T_O_M Re: Sleeping bag advice - 01/29/20
There are 4 factors to balance: cost, weight, warmth, bulk. You will not get a real warm, small, light bag that is inexpensive. Gotta decide what you are willing to compromise on. If you are trying to go that low on price, plan to buy a synthetic, not down, and expect it to be a bit heavy and bulky if you want it to be warm. You might want to check into used stuff, gear exchanges, and factory blems.

Posted By: 5sdad Re: Sleeping bag advice - 02/04/20
Best to let them lie, especially the old ones.
Posted By: JohnnyLoco Re: Sleeping bag advice - 02/05/20
2015 ?
Posted By: 1Akshooter Re: Sleeping bag advice - 11/02/21
Wiggy's, lots of guys swear by them in Alaska.
Posted By: flintlocke Re: Sleeping bag advice - 11/02/21
Maybe study the historic climate data for your planned area for the time period you have blocked out. Over the many years of wilderness packing 5,000 to 8,500 ft elev., I have suffered more from too hot a bag in skeeter country than I ever did from a freak snow event. Years ago I got hooked on packing a Noah's Tarp (I hate tents of any kind in bear country) along with a light bag (rated 30 deg). If you get a freak storm you can take the big Noah and roll it up around giving you layers on layers, if its hot you can lay on top of your bag, pull the Noah over the top for bug protection. The Noah and cheap Kelty 30 deg bag and a Thermarest all together come in at just over 7 pounds. Wiggy's is the greatest but you need to mortgage the ranch.
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