ESP Hearing - Analog or Digital?

Posted By: ransome_henshaw

ESP Hearing - Analog or Digital? - 03/25/16

I'm investing next month in a pair of Electronic Shooters Protection in the ear enhancement/protection devices. Is the upgrade to digital worth the $700 bucks?

I usually make it 10 days a year for turkey, and 20 for deer, with an elk hunt every other year or so. My range is closed so won't need them there. Usually double up with foam and muffs.

Looks like$900 for analog and $1600 for basic digital.
Posted By: ransome_henshaw

Re: ESP Hearing - Analog or Digital? - 04/17/16

Disregard, please. Probably posted in the wrong forum. Was more of a gear question, than a gear review. Got the analog, two days ago and waiting for them to arrive.
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