Posted By: Lonny How long can beef fat be frozen? - 08/06/19
We bought a bunch of untrimmed beef tri-tip roasts for my MIL's 80th b-day and I had 8-10 lbs of trimmed off beef fat when done.

I hate to throw it away because come October and November, I'll be needing some beef fat for mixing with deer and elk for making summer sausage, pepper sticks, etc. I usually just buy fresh beef fat to add when I grind up wild game for making the sausage type stuff.

It's been vacuumed-packed and wrapped in freezer paper. How long will it last in the freezer?
I would reckon years.

Properly wrapped beef steak with an inch of fat on them last for years.
I'll throw in with Big Jim.
X2, with a qualifier.

Keep it.
When it's about time to use it, throw some in a pan and cook it.
Render it out.
If it stinks, don't add it to good meat.
If it's ok, use away.
I’d give it 6 months +/- @0*F.
Or more super well wrapped, oxygen is your enemy. Oxygen will permeate polyethylene and other plastic film. How fast depends on thickness/layers. And of course wrapped with air spaces gives you freezer burn dehydration.
So fat on a steak lasts longer somehow than fat on its own??
We usually buy a hindquarter for the freezer, and try to use it up within a year. Never had a problem with beef or venison keeping for at least a year. Pork is another story, and soon gets and old taste to me if it's frozen too long.
My wife has dug vac sealed pork roasts out of the freezer that were old,
like 2 years old. Thawed them, they seemed ok. Cooked them, and didn't tell me till we were
eating. Couldn't tell. Now in our hog raising, paper wrapping, and later adding zip lock
baggies? It wouldn't have been very good.

Love the vac sealer.
It's been a money maker. Not jyst for game,
but we buy bone pork loins at christmas and vac seal. P-chops all year for a bit over $1/#.

Chicken by the 40# box.
Ham at Christmas and Easter. We get the whole thing for the price of a couple slices.
Ham all year, and it good as fresh.
One thing that will make a big difference is non frost free freezer vs a frost free.The non frost free will keep frozen goods fresher much longer.
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