Posted By: rufous Faulty SD Card - 08/06/22
I believe I am having a problem with my SD Card. I am using it in a Sony RX10- Mark 4 and until today did not have any problems. Today I noticed that when trying to take 3 frames/second for several seconds I would get the error on my camera screen saying that "Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data?" When I clicked enter another message came up on my camera screen saying "Execute? This may damage data that was added or edited on another device."

I clicked through those messages selecting for it to do what it needed to do. Then I found that I could view on my camera screen most, but not all of the quick succession pics. Then when I put the SD Card into my laptop I got an error message saying "We found errors on this drive. To prevent data loss, repair this drive now. So I selected to have the computer do that repair. It indicates that it is scanning and repairing the drive in the pop up but it also says Error Checking USB Drive. I am unable to close that popup without opening up Task Manager and selecting to end that task (COM Surrogate). When I do that then the USB Drive opens up and I can view the photos. This same thing happened when I inserted the SD Card into my work computer after taking some more photos.

So as I said at the beginning I think I probably need a new SD Card. Some of the pictures show up as mostly being green with a bit of the actual image at the top of the photo. I got this SD Card new when I bought the camera new last November. It is a Sony SD Card- SDXC 64 GB. It also has an E on the card. I do not know what that indicates and it has a Read speed of 270 MB/s and a Write speed of 70 MB/s.

Can anyone recommend a better SD Card that hopefully will last longer and perhaps even have faster read and write speeds? I am not a professional photographer but would like a realiable SD Card. I do not really think I need one with more storage because I typically delete the photos after I transfer them to my laptop but might get a 128 GB card anyway.

Thanks for any help you can offer, Brian
Posted By: rufous Re: Faulty SD Card - 08/07/22
Some additional info. I remembered that I had an older SD Card in my old camera so I put it in my new Sony. When I turned on the camera the screen said "Image database could not be found" and asked if I wanted to create one. So I selected to do that. Then I was able to take photos. But when I put the old SD Card into my laptop I got the same error message that there were errors on the drive. When I selected to have my laptop fix the drive it actually did (showing the green bar moving across like something was happening) and then I was able to open the drive and view the photos.

The old SD Card is slower to read/write but seems to now be working better than the new SD Card.
Posted By: SBTCO Re: Faulty SD Card - 08/07/22
Did you format the new card to the camera?
Posted By: rufous Re: Faulty SD Card - 08/07/22
Apparently so. As noted in my second post when I put in the old SD Card the camera asked me if I wanted to create an image database. I did that and am now using the old SD Card with success.
Posted By: rufous Re: Faulty SD Card - 08/19/22
I reformatted it and it is working fine again.
Posted By: 1minute Re: Faulty SD Card - 08/20/22
Rare, but often happens if power fails during a read/write exercise. Probably best to let the camera do the formatting.
Posted By: rufous Re: Faulty SD Card - 08/20/22
I did the reformatting of the SD card in the camera by using the menu. Seems to be fine now.
Posted By: duckster Re: Faulty SD Card - 09/20/22
Given the low cost of SD cards, I would probably get a new one if I were worried about losing any important photos.
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