Spring in the Desert

Posted By: RedRabbit

Spring in the Desert - 04/13/19

Arizona had a wet winter and spring, so it finally bode well for wildflowers in the desert. Thus, I made a few photo trips down from Flagstaff to augment the desert portfolio. Bartlett Lake northeast of Scottsdale, the Superstition Mountains and Apache trail east of Phoenix offer plenty of floral candy.

More than than just the images posted below can be seen in my spring desert gallery.

Poppies above Bartlett Lake.
[Linked Image]

Edelmann's hedgehog blooms.
[Linked Image]

Milky Way over the Superstition Mountains and yellow brittlebrush.
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Lost Dutchman Leprechaun's Lair
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Towers of Bloom
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Thanks for having a look. The cactus blooms are just starting so there will be more to photograph soon.
Posted By: Joezone

Re: Spring in the Desert - 04/13/19

Great pics! I have family that has settled in Arizona, so I make it down to visit. I have been quite impressed with the variety of landscape. I'm surprised at the variety of plants there and also amazed at the number of plants with pointy sharp things on them:)
Posted By: Proud_Dad

Re: Spring in the Desert - 04/13/19

Great pictures! Amazing how the desert seems to burst with color when the conditions are right. Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: RedRabbit

Re: Spring in the Desert - 04/14/19

@Joezone- indeed on the pointy things, especially those nasty chollas.
@ProudDad- I thought last spring would be good for wildflowers as the winter rains started well, but the precip after December fizzled.
Posted By: tikkanut

Re: Spring in the Desert - 04/14/19


Utah's desert should bloom well this spring too
Posted By: dye7barrel

Re: Spring in the Desert - 04/21/19

Amazing photos
Posted By: MaxBB

Re: Spring in the Desert - 05/01/19

Beautiful- thanks for the post !!
Posted By: pdXammo

Re: Spring in the Desert - 05/11/19

I was down there a few weeks ago and I was blown away.
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