Nikon P900 & P1000

Posted By: RickyBobby

Nikon P900 & P1000 - 12/02/19

What’s everyone’s thoughts on these 2 cameras? I’m searching for my 1st decent camera to venture into wildlife photography. I like the idea of these all-in-one type super zoom cameras. Seems like they would simplify the learning process and keep the amount of gear I need to drag around to a minimum. The P1000 is almost twice the cost of the P900 so I’m curious if that difference in price can be justified? What’s the Pros and Cons of me going with one of these models compared to other cameras that are available?
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Re: Nikon P900 & P1000 - 12/02/19

A P1000 review

Do some surfing and one can find many reviews out there.
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Re: Nikon P900 & P1000 - 12/02/19

One of the women in our birding club down in Florida has one of those older Nikon's with the digital mega zoom and the pictures that she gets are pretty amazing given the rather normal size of that camera. We have other guys with those foot long telephoto long lenses and they sure look like a pain to pack around and hold up verses that smaller digital set up. I have to admit that most of what that guy said on the You Tube video went over my head, but that much zoom capability is pretty amazing and likely an over kill for most of us mortals.
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Re: Nikon P900 & P1000 - 12/02/19

If you just need a camera to email snapshots to friends, maybe one of these would be OK. If you want to print enlargements get a real camera.

Posted By: duckster

Re: Nikon P900 & P1000 - 12/02/19

I would look at the Sony RX10 MkIV if you are thinking of a telephoto bridge camera
Posted By: CameraLand

Re: Nikon P900 & P1000 - 12/05/19

While those 2 cameras are unique with the zoom length, that's only possible due to the small sensor. The Sony Duckster mentioned is worlds better. Larger sensor, better glass and faster f stops. Much better option. The P1000 should also come with a dolly, it's so bulky and heavy
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