Merle Seguine

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Merle Seguine - 11/27/08

Anyone know anything about him or his knives?
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Re: Merle Seguine - 11/28/08

IIRC, Merle (out of Juneau) died in 1978. I've only seen a few of his blades. He made some gut hooks that were originally designed for pulling pots off campfires. I've seen exactly one in a Gun Digest from the late 60's. I think most attribute the design to Sid Bell. Sid supposedly sent a carved version of his design for Merle to duplicate.

Merle had a patent for a retainer for sheath knives (cam device with a lever).

I've seen a few marked L.W. Seguine. Larry was Merle's son and evidently only worked with him for short time.

Not much help, but it's a start...
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Re: Merle Seguine - 12/06/08

Here's an L.W. Seguine that was my fathers.

[Linked Image]
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Re: Merle Seguine - 12/15/08

Seguine was the knife maker that captured my attention in an article in Gun Digest in about 1969. After sending him money for a brochure and never hearing from him, I gave up on getting one of his knives. I understand that my experience was not uncommon. Many years later a couple came my way and I found I could not pass them up. I love the looks and the quality is very good for the time they were made. I believe the top handle to be moose antler and the bottom one appears to be walnut. I would have been better off buying a Loveless or Moran who were also featured in the article.

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