Rear sight for 1894 357 mag

Posted By: warpig602

Rear sight for 1894 357 mag - 03/27/20

Picked up an 1894CS in 357 recently and the previous owners removed the rear folding and installed a Willaims. HE sent all the rear sight he had for Marlins which were 3 elevators and 3 buck horns. Anyone able to put micrometers on their sights and verify the height?
Posted By: Magnum_Bob

Re: Rear sight for 1894 357 mag - 04/10/20

Frt sight is .395" from top of barrel to the ctr of the bead. The rear sight is the folding semi buckhorn std to top line Marlins is
350" from top of the notch to top of barrel . This with my elevator on the 3rd notch which is 2.5- 3" high at 50 yds using full throttle 158 gr jacketed loads. Just got the gun yesterday and got home and cleaned it up and went to shooting. Nice little carbine. MB
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