3-Gun Rifle Optics

Posted By: skitish

3-Gun Rifle Optics - 08/14/19

I am running a Trijicon RMR, 1 MOA on my rifle. I tried a 1x6 scope from cameraland but the eye box was too restrictive for quick target acquisition. For you folks that are using 3x multipliers what do you recommend? Are you using a flip to the side mount, if so which one?
Posted By: Bluedreaux

Re: 3-Gun Rifle Optics - 10/09/19

Don't bother with a multiplier. Spend the money on a quality 1-4. I'd look at the Steiner.
Posted By: 40O

Re: 3-Gun Rifle Optics - 10/16/19

Do you have an opinion on how the 1-4 Steiner compares to the 1-6 Razor HD people are raving about? I'd like to save the funds, but if I have to cry I'd rather cry the onetime.
Posted By: supercrewd

Re: 3-Gun Rifle Optics - 12/01/19

I run this:


You can try this discount code as well: Rudyc3
It has been a while that I checked but it worked for $800 sale price.
Posted By: TX35W

Re: 3-Gun Rifle Optics - 12/14/19

Razor is great, it's just really heavy.
Posted By: Tim_K

Re: 3-Gun Rifle Optics - 12/18/19

Not a fan of multipliers. I'm a huge fan of low powered variables. I have a Vortex PST 1-4 that is fabulous for the money. I think the current versions are 1-6. I also have a US Optics 1-6 that is OK, but pricey. My absolute favorite is a Nightforce NXS 1-8. It's amazingly small and light. With the illumination on at 1X it's almost as fast as a pure red dot. At 8X I'm plinking a full size IPSC at 800 effortlessly.
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