Posted By: HunterShooter58 Top Gun - 09/05/22
Watched Top Gun 2 last night and I enjoyed it, along with my Wife and Son, who also thought it was good.
Have to admit, that I'm not a huge fan of Tom Cruise, it was put together pretty well.
Posted By: BOWHUNR Re: Top Gun - 09/11/22
It was really a let down for me after the long wait and all the hype. I saw it as basically a modern re-make right down to a lot of the same lines from the original. I will watch it again someday I suppose, but I wish I would have waited to see it at home and saved some $$.
Posted By: jmp300wsm Re: Top Gun - 09/15/22
I thought it was good. All of the flying was actually done in this movie. Pretty impressive
Posted By: K_P Re: Top Gun - 09/20/22
I really enjoyed seeing this film on the big screen in a theater with an awesome surround sound system. My sequels are a let-down, but not this one. In fact, I've seen Maverick twice.
Posted By: killerv Re: Top Gun - 09/22/22
Went and saw it by myself, I left thinking it was the greatest action movie I've ever seen.

bought it on prime the day it came out, got a new receiver for the movie room, not quite like in the movie theaters but pretty dang good.

Definitely a little cleaner than the first one, more kids can watch this one.
Posted By: shrapnel Re: Top Gun - 09/22/22
If they could take the women out of the movie, it would be a lot better…
Posted By: hanco Re: Top Gun - 09/22/22
I guess I’m gonna have to watch it.
Posted By: bsa1917hunter Re: Top Gun - 09/24/22
Great movie. Just watched it tonight in the same movie theater I watched the first one in when I was a kid. This new one is better than the first. This one hits home with me, grew up as a Navy brat, born in Fallon Nevada, where a lot of the original movie was filmed.... If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go and watch it.
Posted By: beretzs Re: Top Gun - 09/24/22
Good movie.
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