Posted By: Tuco Looking for... - 11/11/21
a bolt for an 1866 Uberti Yellowboy in .38 Special. Anybody know where I can find one? Already tried Winchester Bob. Any help finding one greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Posted By: zcm82 Re: Looking for... - 11/11/21
Bud's has them in stock. Cimarron levers are Ubertis imported by Cimarron. I just bought an 1873 from them last month. Rifle was in a Uberti box with both Uberti and Cimarron documentation.

Posted By: Shortgrub Re: Looking for... - 11/14/21
If you just lookin for the bolt, try VTI gun parts
Posted By: zcm82 Re: Looking for... - 11/14/21
Oh, man, I didn't even see that he was looking for just the bolt... oops 😬
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