barrel swaps on two Hawkeyes ?

Posted By: verns

barrel swaps on two Hawkeyes ? - 12/04/20

I inherited a RH 7mm 08 from my brother I like the round but miss the LH feature.I have a LH Hawkeye 243 which is for me a waste .What are the chances of a barrel swap with no headspaceing need to be machined for . I had my friend do that with a Rem 700 and the headspace was fine but the barrel stamping was not indexed right (not an issue for me at all )My friend said that this is very common with Rem 700 . Rugers ? any experiences ?
Posted By: Unalakleet_Yooper

Re: barrel swaps on two Hawkeyes ? - 12/04/20

I bought a rh 416 Ruger and did a swap with lh 375 Ruger to end up with a lh 416 Ruger. From talking to my gunsmith,it was an easy switch.
Posted By: verns

Re: barrel swaps on two Hawkeyes ? - 12/05/20

The Rem 700 deal was very good . Got a factory take off barrel here on the fire for $ 40 sold the factory barrel we took off for $30 ,paid the GS $ 50 .He just screwed it on and it was fine . Shoots very well . Thanks Unalakleet .Hope Rugers swap as easy . Will report back
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