Anybody caught a bass?

Posted By: ARMJR

Anybody caught a bass? - 01/30/01

Hunting season's about over and the water's starting to warm up down here. It's about time to tie on a watermelon seed worm!<P>armjr<BR>
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 01/30/01

Armjr,<P>Hello. I am taking up bass fishing this summer. My dad and I used to just do the trout/salmon thing. I am open to any and all tips you have to offer. Any suggestions on a rod and reel combo under $100?<P>Wade
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 02/05/01

Wade,<P>If you're going to get into bass fishing you're going to have to get over the money thing. By the time you're outfitted right you'll undersatnd the old saying that a "Bass Boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into". <P>Seriously, as a starter I would say get a Name brand baitcasting reel on sale at academy or Oshmans or some other large chain. They disontinue models and sell them cheap. Then for a rod get an "Ugly Stick" in a medium action straight handle. I like the nbreakable feature of these rods. <P>Then get a reg tackle box and a bunch of those clear plastic trays with lids for your worms. A spinner box is good too if you have extra room.<P>More later. <P>armjr
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 02/27/01

Wade, a good Garcia 3 or 4 ball bearing casting reel will cost you $60 to $90 at Wally World, and here they are discontinuing the Renagade graphite and selling them out for $13, a steal for that rod. I have graphites that cost $100 and more but look for the lightest weight rod, medium or heavy action you can afford, also pick a small spool reel for bass fishing, one that just holds 100 - 125 yards of line in the weight line you will be using. Now if this rod and reel will be a combination and used on heavy fish buy larger. Questions, just ask, there are enough bass fishermen here to answer. Like hunting and rifles, fishing rods and reels are a matter of choice. Northern states have smaller fish and can take lighter tackle and line, in the South with warmer weather most of the year bass grow larger. -- no
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 03/17/01

no bass yet...
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 04/14/01

Caught a good mess in my pond, 1/4 stick dynamite worked for me. LOL
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 04/17/01

Bass fishing around here is really starting to pick up.I have been catching a lot of bass this last week.The bass are starting to prepare the beds.The largest one caught so far this year is 4 pounds.
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 04/19/01

He did pretty good, eh?<P> [Linked Image] <P>The spawn is ON!<P><p>[This message has been edited by RickBin (edited April 18, 2001).]
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Re: Anybody caught a bass? - 04/20/01

I went Bass fishing yesterday.I fished at Lake Greenwood,S.C. I caught 13 bass the largest was 5 pounds 6 ounces and the even the smallest was over 1 pound.The spawn is really picking up.
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