New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s

Posted By: RickBin

New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s - 09/26/19

Hi Guys:

So, most load data for TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) is turkey-centric (large payloads, relatively slow, tight chokes/patterns), with a nice amount of waterfowl as well (lots of duplexing TSS with steel). Interesting, but not really up my alley.

With the outlawing of lead for all hunting in Cali, I have been dabbling in TSS. But my interest is in upland hunting, which apparently not a lot of guys do with TSS. Due to the physical properties of tungsten, I end up in many cases needing only very light loads, a least on paper. Here is an example, with patterns.

For quail, I have traditionally favored fast (for lead) 1 oz #8 loads out of a 12 gauge. We're talking 1300 fps and a payload of 403 pellets. According to the numbers I've been provided, when standardizing on 1-inch penetration, lead 8s at 1250 fps are good to 45 yards.

Well, TSS #11s may be tiny (870 pellets per ounce), but they will deliver that same 1 inch of penetration out to 53 yards ... 18% more range. With that ridiculous pellet count, and extended range, even half an ounce of TSS exceeds the pellet count of a full ounce of lead 8s AND kills farther out there, at least in theory. Heck, I'd love to find a 1/3-oz load, and just may try to develop and test one.

Anyway, this is the lightest load I could find for 28 gauge, and the data belongs to Hal (hawglips), so I cannot share any recipes, but we're talking 9/16 oz at 1400 fps!

Here are patterns out of a Benelli Ultralight in 28 at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards:

[Linked Image]
20 yards

[Linked Image]
30 yards

[Linked Image]
40 yards

[Linked Image]
50 yards

Now everyone in this arena refers to Tom Rosters CONSEP chart which establishes some baselines for pattern lethality (that's fodder for another thread), but bottom line, for dove and quail, the tables recommend 200-210 pellets in a 30-inch circle. At 50 YARDS, I am still at 338 pellets, even with a Cylinder choke. At 20-30 yards, things look too tight I think, and a centered bird is likely to be destroyed. Not good! I like eating quail!

This load, even though speedy, is rated at 6000 psi, so some headroom. I am considering cutting the load to 1/2 oz, or even 15/32, to cut down the pellet count (and obviously stretch this stuff - it ain't cheap!), up the speed, bump the powder charge up a grain or two for good measure, and send some loads to the lab to get tested for pressure.


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Re: New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s - 09/26/19

Don't go too light or you wont get proper ignition.

TSS is a bit too much of a good thing for quail, especially if you value your teeth laugh

Why not just run steel 7s in a 20ga?

You know I'm a big Tungsten fan, but I just don't see it's use in wing shooting smaller game. I can see the point for big ducks or geese, but it's still too expensive IMO. I've never struggled killing ducks with steel as is.

Dang nice patterns.
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Re: New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s - 09/27/19

Following just for interest. The past few years I've thought about TSS or other HTL shot for upland. I usually chase pheasants. Hank and I aren't all that good at finding a whole lot of birds, so the costs wouldn't sting that bad...
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Re: New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s - 09/28/19

That 1-ounce HW15 #7 is a couple tweaks away from being a pheasant bomber ... heck it is already.
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Re: New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s - 09/28/19

Originally Posted by RickBin
That 1-ounce HW15 #7 is a couple tweaks away from being a pheasant bomber ... heck it is already.

Yes, it’s looking great.
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Re: New Patterns - 28 ga 9/16-oz TSS #11s - 09/30/19

I like that one for sure, I like pheasant hunting with a 28 ga.
With reg shells, I like copper plated #5, but I bet that the HW15 #7 would be bad to the bone.
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