Anyone know where I can find a Ithaca Model 37S or 37T or 37R Deluxe or 37 Supreme in 16 gauge? Any leads would be greatly appreciated
Here’s an R deluxe

I have a 1937 37S, 26” IC. It is one of the best handling shotguns I’ve ever owned. It was on the used rack a few years ago at a local shop. And way under priced. I shoot it as well or better than my O/Us. It’s not for sale.
That’s not the correct forearm. I’ve seen that one on there. It would be next to impossible or a long wait to find the correct forearm. So it’s overpriced without the correct wood
If it’s a 1937 that’s gotta be a 12 gauge so I wouldn’t be interested in that if it was for sale. The 16 didn’t come out till 38
My mistake on mine on the year. It is a 1938 model 37. The first year they made the 37S in 16. I should have proof read for fat finger mistakes.
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