Saltwater Fishing

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Saltwater Fishing - 10/13/21

What is the easiest fish to catch in saltwater? I am new to the saltwater fishing. Going to The Florida Keys for my 1st saltwater fishing . As I am new so this will be a help for me if there is any easiest fish to catch in saltwater.
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If you bait with shrimp, all will be easy... but you gotta fish where the fish are

If going for smaller pan size fish IE whiting, croaker, pompano, trout, slot reds take some fishbites and buy some fresh dead shrimp. Use 1/0 and 3/0 circle hooks, assorted weights, pyramids or claw sinkers in weight ranging from 1oz to 3oz (or whatever your rod can throw and will hold bottom). You can use single drop or double drop leader

That setup has caught me everything from 6" whiting and croaker up to oversized reds, going thru pup sharks and keeper trout.
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Saltwater catfish
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Originally Posted by Irving_D
Saltwater catfish
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