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#11881185 - 03/07/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
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#11911737 - 03/20/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
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I have 6mmBR, 243Win, and 6mmRem reamers and have built rifles for myself.

I have a 243AI that someone else built.

The latest was in in Sept 2016 I built a lightweight rifle in 6mmBR.

The nice thing about 6mmBR is the tiny groups either Rem or Lapua brass.

October 2016

6mmBR 95 gr Nos Bal Tip moly 29 gr IMR-4166 2800 fps chrono 27" Pac Nor super match 8" twist barrel
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#11912982 - 03/20/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
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I have always been interested in a 6BR hunting rig. However, I was uncertain if there were any feeding problems when using a 6BR in a BDL style magazine setup.

Any body have any experience with the 6BR feeding from a BDL style setup?

#11913154 - 03/20/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: DakotaDeer]
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Originally Posted By DakotaDeer
Leave it as is, and shoot it out.

Another vote for this ^^^^. After it is shot out, then rebarrel it for "what ever" floats your boat at that time...
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#11913676 - 03/20/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
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I am not very clear about what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want something that is used for shooting targets, shooting varmints, or hunting big game?

For big game velocity kills, bore diameter kills, and bullet weight kills. If you are using a 6mm on big game, I would look for the most velocity. For accuracy, one of the smaller 6 mm will fill your needs.

Based on your statements, you really don't need anything new.

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#11913903 - 03/20/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
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I'd shoot it out.
Wont take long as its a 243.
6mm Dasher.

Only accurate rifles are interesting.

#11916536 - 03/22/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
keith Offline
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243 with R#26 and 105 class bullets is impressive, to say the least!

If You play with the idea of a set back to a different caliber, then you should measure the shank to see how much Straight you have to work with.

I would shoot it out as is, start saving money for barrels and stocks of a contour of your design.

#11916596 - 03/22/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: scallop]
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Yes. I have a Remington 700 short action with a #4 weight 24" 6 BR barrel on it. It will not feed from the magazine. It is wonderfully accurate and fun to shoot, but it's not a repeater.
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#11916984 - 03/22/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Ebby]
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The 6mm Remington is a better design than the 243! Sharper shoulder and longer neck means less throat damage. Also it can be loaded faster than the 243 or the same speed with less pressure.
But since you already have it as a 243, is it worth the trouble to rechamber? Only you can make that decision.

As far as AI versions, I don't think they are worth messing with, other than improving that dreadful sloping shoulder of the 243.

I suspect that if you are limiting your hunting to Tennessee, you probably don't need a more powerful cartridge than the 243 though.

BTW:I currently own 2 6mm's and one 243. I've been shooting 6mm's since the early 60's -- getting over 55 years now.
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#11919311 - 03/23/17 Re: Which 6mm? [Re: Bugger]
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6BR can be made to feed. Just takes a little tinkering.

Look up Mike Bryant conversion, for the BDL know-how.

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