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#2395881 - 08/27/08 10:44 AM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: Partagas]
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Didn't try the accubonds though, Hornady 130 SST.

#2405281 - 08/31/08 07:44 PM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: Partagas]
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 Originally Posted By: Partagas
74-76 grains of imr 7828. Around an inch inch and a quarter in a factory SS Mark 5. 3500fps.

WOW Man that is smoking!

#2427621 - 09/11/08 03:40 AM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: Iraklion]
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I am shooting an Accumark and no matter what I have tried, I have not been able to duplicate either the velocity or accuracy of WBY factory with handloads. This is very frustrating because it is the first gun I've owned that I can say that about. My handloads don't do bad but not on par.

#2428074 - 09/11/08 08:02 AM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: db102550]
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dont chase their velocity. 22 and a 130 xxx should be worth a try..

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#2428282 - 09/11/08 09:12 AM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: woofer]
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I liked the .270 Wby cartridge and had some good load and hunting successes with it. These were the pick of my loads tried.

NOTE: AR2209 is H 4350 and AR 2213 is H 4831 as they are sold by Hodgdon


.270 Weatherby Magnum

Bullet Load Powder O. A. L. Velocity Energy Comments

110gn Hornady HP 77gn WMR 3.346" 3561
78gn WMR 3623
79gn WMR 3670

130gn Nosler SB 68gn AR 2213 3152
69gn AR 2213 3196
69gn IMR 4831 3305
70gn IMR 4831 3372 High performance hunting load
72gn IMR 4831 3434 MAX

130gn Sierra BT 75gn WMR 3395
76gn WMR 2407

140gn Hordady SP 70gn IMR 4831 3175
71gn IMR 4831 3256 1.2 MOA
72gn H 4831 3038 Original H 4831
73gn H 4831 3123 .7 MOA Top load
71gn Rel 19 3173
72gn Rel 19 3201
71gn Rel 22 3172
72gn Rel 22 3229
73gn Rel 22 3270 MAX - Top velocity

150gn PMC Factory 3069 2.2 MOA Flat Primers - Hot load

150gn Nosler Part 68gn AR 2209 3131
69gn AR 2209 3185 Good Load Accurate Hard Hitting
71gn AR 2213 3159
72gn AR 2213 3196 Good Velocity
70gn IMR 4831 3203 .5 MOA Equals Factory Specs Top Load

150gn Sierra BT 70gn Rel 19 3099
71gn Rel 19 3167 MAX Good load
72gn Rel 22 3194
73gn Rel 22 3254 Full Factory Specs - Good Load
73gn WMR 3192
74gn WMR 3253
70gn IMR 4831 3179
71gn IMR 4831 3230 Most accuracte powerful load

160gn Nosler Part 71gn AR 2213 3110
72gn AR 2213 3169 3569 Most Powerful Load
73gn H 4831 3114 Original H 4831 - Good load
74gn H 4831 3184 Warm Load
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#2496957 - 10/13/08 10:12 AM Hey AussitGunWriter [Re: AussieGunWriter]
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Just did a search on 270 Wby and found this data by you. I see you have used up to 73gr RL22 with a 150 gr bullet and are still with us. I used that load previously with a Hornady bullet and got 3225 fps with a 24" Mark V. However the load data I was looking at gave only 72.2 as a max and I backed off to that but never chronoed, just figured it was still 3200 or so. Thinking maybe you saw the same data and can reference it because for the life of me I can't remember or locate it.

Also, I just loaded some 130 Hornady Interlocks with 73 and 74gr RL22 to range test. Considering 73gr as apparently safe with the 150 IL I THINK I'm on safe ground with 74gr RL22 and the 130 Hornady. Also ended up about .100 off the lands due to the Weatherby throat. I hate having to guesstimate safe levels but the newest Hornady manual really seems ultra conservative on the 270 Wby. Any thoughts here??
Ever used H1000 in this caliber by chance??
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#2499941 - 10/14/08 04:01 PM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: Iraklion]
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Try 65.5 to 66.0 grains of H380 I don't know how fast it is but i can cover five shots with a dime.

#2507723 - 10/17/08 07:10 PM Re: 270 weatherby and 130 Accubonds [Re: Iraklion]
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I burned a lot of pwder when I got my 257 Roy in a Mark 5 years ago . Then a friend said a guy at the wby factory told him he should use 7828 . I tried it and it puts 120 gr NP's in the blck and real quick .

When I come by a No. One in 270 wby [ bought it for a donor ] I put 75 gr of IMR 7828 behind a 130 xxx which were the only 270 bullets I had and it produced a nice tight little group at an an average of 3415fps with ES of 40 . Thats for 3 shots .

I invested in a real good set trigger , put an AV Swaro on it and it is my main rifle. [ I still have a neat custom 7 mag barrel for a NO. one if anybody is interested!]
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