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#3182295 - 07/26/09 03:50 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: 5sdad]
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MartyBoy - Thanks for the posting. I started this thread a while ago when I first recieved my Rem 45/70 side by side. Since then I have shot it more than all my others combined. What fun! I had a set of Warne QD rings put on it and moutned a Simmons 1.5X-5X scope on it. Thru reloading, I have found a load that shoots to the same horizontal point, with one barrel shooting about 3" higher than the other at 75 yards. I'm shooting the Rem 405gr. bullet. The load pretty much duplicates factory loads which is plenty for what I will hunt with it. Best thing about this load, is that it shoots well with all the pressure off both barrels. The jack screw isn't pushing on them at all, free floating if you will.
I was interested in reading the posting you mentioned on, but could not find it. what heading is it under?
I have read bad reports about this gun, but the vast majority of them are from people who have never even shot one. I have no regrets about getting mine. The triggers could use some work, and they will get some, but other than that, I say to those who bad mouth them to get one in their hands and shoot it. I think they will change their mind.
Mine will see action on deer and bear this season. I can't wait to look down those big barrels and see them pointed at game!

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#3184909 - 07/27/09 05:29 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: Abner]
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I found US Sporting Goods' website by guessing:

The new double rifles are made in Italy, and feature a (gasp) single trigger.

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#3185480 - 07/27/09 10:01 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: Abner]
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Don't see the Baikal Rifle topic but here is the forum:


#3189604 - 07/29/09 03:43 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: dai_sca]
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I too have a Reminton S/S made by Baikal. It's probably the most fun rifle to shoot I own. It's a 45-70, and quite surpisingly has a highly figured piece of walnut on it. Wish I had bought the 30-06 version of it to when I had the chance.
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#3198386 - 08/02/09 03:24 AM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: Abner]
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For those of you enthusiasts for .45-70 SxS Rifles, there is a custom with a buy now price of 3,000.00 at Gunbroker:

There is a reserve, here are sellers comments:

What I have here is a 45-70/ 300 , Double rifle. It was built custom for my Hound Hunting habit. A fellow in Iowa built it upon request - it has turned down light weightbarrels; if I remember correctly they are douglas, and they are 20 inches long.The length of pull is 14 1/2 incdhes to the front trigger. It is regulated at 35 yards and is within an inch.This rifle is aquiped with express sights, which have not been filed yet. I used this bear to hunt bear with my hounds. Is has been very efficient. What you see is what you get. It is in a hand made Juniper wood box. Please call with serious inquiry, 541-419-9817

#3234709 - 08/17/09 06:06 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: dai_sca]
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Somebody used to sleeve the barrels on a Savage shotgun if I remember right? This would get you into a double rifle cheap!
I like to do my hunting BEFORE I pull the trigger!
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#3262518 - 08/28/09 11:34 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: medicman]
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medicman what do you figure the velocity was for that load?
If it was over 1600fps that is plenty bad medicine for any thing getting in front of it. Cheers NC
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#3263035 - 08/29/09 03:23 AM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: northcountry]
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Originally Posted By: northcountry

medicman what do you figure the velocity was for that load?
If it was over 1600fps that is plenty bad medicine for any thing getting in front of it. Cheers NC

I will look up my notes I think it was close to 1500 but will confirm
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#3277054 - 09/04/09 02:11 PM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: medicman]
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Abner, and others who have asked about finding the kifaruforums discussion on allowable pressures of the Baikal/Remington SPR22/MP221 double rifle, here is the link, hopefully, to this most interesting forum.

In the event this does not take you there, to page 3, search "Allowable pressure Sparton double rifle" Note that Spartan is misspelled, but do not correct. Get ready for a great ride if you want to know more on the subject and all the blather on 45-70 SAAMI pressures seems inadequate, the type often seen on this subject.
BTW, Tim Sundles of Buffalo Bore ammo, and a stand-up guy, confirmed for me recently the comments he made on this thread at kifaru 5 years ago. And I think Buffalo Bore knows a little something about potent 45-70 ammo.
I'm not really a big 45-70 fan and would have desired a British cartridge in my SPR 22, but I understand the need to sell guns and the 45-70 will do that. I've had a Ruger #1 Tropical in 45-70 for 25 years and a Remington Rolling Block with a Numrich barrel and custom fittings even longer. I have not shot them much, though I did make up a 350 grain load for the #1 with 3031 which was a real rocker.
One of the amusing topics on forums concerns whether a 45-70 can be a .458 Win Mag. Now, that is amusing, as it is not possible. But I think it begs the real question. The real question is to what extent a 45-70 can and is properly used for dangerous game, especially in Africa. That, a subject of ferocious controversy. You know the beat, the lever action/Ruger #1 guys want to blast dinosuars with it and the British rifle snobs with little practical 45-70 experience claim the round is a 'damned good woodchuck" cartridge out to 50 yards. All delicious stuff of course, but lacking in detail. I do note that in the last few years the boys at Rifle magazine have shot dangerous beasts in Africa with their 45-70 and they are still alive.
But I prefer far better authority than most. I direct you to John Pondoro Taylor's African Rifles and Cartridges. With all due respect to Craig Boddington, his African experience, his two Safari Rifles books, which are terrific, and a man who always is a gentleman and makes time for us little guys, I still think the 25 years Taylor spent hunting Africa makes him my expert.
The book has a page on the .450 Black Powder Express, the round popular at the turn of the last century and shooting light-for-caliber bullets of 270-365 grains. The 365 gr load was at 1700 fps and produces 2,340 pounds of ME. Taylor says the following on this round:
"I have used all four loads on different game and found them most satisfactory."
"I killed elephant, rhino, and buffalo with the 365-gr. hardened lead bullet, and lion with the soft solid lead bullet of the same weight..."
Interesting. Tim Sundles of Buffalo Bore loads a 430 grain LBT hardened bullet at 1900fps, with 3,500 ME, which he says can be used safely in the SPR22. Now, this is a much more potent load than Taylor's .450 BPE, which he found "most satisfactory" and we are to believe the modern 45-70 can't be used on big game? Doesn't sound logical. At the same time I recognize a "margin for error" inherent in more powerful loads, as did Taylor, as he later used more powerful rounds. Still, the modern 45-70 in the SPR22 gives comfort as a powerful round, while assuring a full recoil response in a 7.5 lb SPR22 rifle. It sure feels powerful!

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#3290970 - 09/10/09 05:03 AM Re: 45/70 side by side [Re: MartyBoy]
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Well done MartyBoy - Both your post and the link are the best response I have seen for this gun and its allowable pressure. Personally, I think people get to caught up in the pressure/velocity debate, and this particular rifle has been at the front of that debate since we all started hearing about them. Really, I don't care what the max pressure is. My loads shoot great and will penetrate anything I will ever shoot with it, and then tear up the hillside behind the critter. In my opinion, this gun was not ment to go up against African dangerous game, but if someone wants to take it there, go for it...if it's legal there at all. Anyway, thanks for finally giving some intelegent helpfull info on the subject.
It was interesting to hear that Mr. Sundles said that his Buff Boar 430gr. load would be safe in this gun. I can asure you, they will never be shot in my gun. I like my shoulder just fine the way it is thank you. :-)

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