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#2916151 - 03/27/09 Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat?
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I want a boat to use in the small river close to home. I dont fish much except when the white bass run or ocassionaly like to go catch a bunch of smallies in the river. Ive used a Jon Boat for floating and fishing but have never used a two man plastic boat like a Pelican Raider or Bass pro Pond Prowler. Has anyone used these two man boats in the river? How deep do they set in the water? How stable are they? I just want something that will fit in the back of the truck and doesnt require a trailer that I can load/unload myself or with a buddy and throw a trolling motor on it and fish for a while. If I get a plastic boat it will be a 9 or 10 ft model but I dont know which brands are the best. I just want to know if they are more comfortable for fishing out of than a jon boat and if they can handle the small fast water areas in the river without having to carry it all the time?

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#2916574 - 03/27/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: nuguy]
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I had a 10 ft jon once. Too narrow and too likely to be unstable.
Only used mine in ponds and small lakes with an electric troller.
Had a Bass Pro bass hunter, 10ft., more stable but again only in ponds.
I would think that in moving water a little more beam would be good. Maybe a wider 12 ft. YMMV

#2922874 - 03/30/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: btb375]
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Does anyone else have any advice on these two styles of boats?

#2922899 - 03/30/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: nuguy]
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I have an old Bass hunter 8' that I have taken out on waters where I shouldn't have. It's not going to sink, but there's not a lot of room there. It's rated for a small outboard, but I've only used a trolling motor on it. Got too close to some big gators down here, too. And the happy side, a big bass will pull you wherever it wants to go!
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#2933332 - 04/03/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: TomW]
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I shopped for a plastic Jon a few years back, but decided that I wouldn't use it enough to afford it, since we have an 8' Bass Cat. is a good frame of reference. I was leaning toward the KL Industries "American 12 Jon Boat". I think that it is deeper. The boat that is used most on the MO float rivers is about 3-4' wide and 20' long. I have friends that pack enough gear in them to spend several days on the river smallmouth fishing. Arkansas guides used to use the old Coleman Crawdad on small streams. Good luck.

#3186618 - 07/28/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: nuguy]
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Judging by the date of this thread you have probably answered your question by now but if not consider this:

I have a 12-footer (come in 8,10,12, or 14 foot lengths and fold up) and they are maneuverable, handy (68 lbs), quiet, nearly destructible and perfect for smaller waters.

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#3187938 - 07/28/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: nuguy]
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I use a boat called a Gheenoe. I have the 13' model. It resembles a canoe but that's about as far as it goes. It is far far more stable than either a canoe or a jon boat. They are rated for a 6hp, I use an 8hp with no problems in fact a lot of guys put 15's on them. They can be trailered, or carried on the roof of an SUV, or the 13' can fit in the bed of a truck, as shown on their website:

They run about $900 but can be found used. I enjoy mine, I can stand up in it with no problem, two can fish no problem. It weighs about 110lbs. There are customized gheenoes available through the original owner's son. His business is called:

They can be fitted with front or rear casting decks, live wells, special kevlar models, etc.

#3209068 - 08/06/09 Re: Jon boat 14 ft. or 10 ft. two man Plastic boat? [Re: TomSmith]
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I have a never used 12ft porta-boat listed for sale in the classifieds.a



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