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#3327793 - 09/23/09 06:37 PM How do you clean a flintlock?
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I have a .45 cal Pennsylvania flintlock rifle made by Pedersolli. I would like to fire it but want to know how to clean it first. The barrel is held on by pins. I do not know the procedure to remove the pins?

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#3327844 - 09/23/09 06:58 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: Capt_Nemo]
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You don't remove the pins. You clean it in the stock. The wood protects the bottom of the barrel from corrosion pretty well.

#3327924 - 09/23/09 07:33 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: Capt_Nemo]
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Glass cleaner with ammonia was recommended to me by a black powder only gunsmith. It works like a charm and I've never had to disassemble my rifles or use boiling water and all that mess.


#3328020 - 09/23/09 08:13 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: Capt_Nemo]
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Welcome aboard Capt. If one is using black powder, then brushes, soap and water, dry patch thoroughly, and lube and dry patch the barrel. Warm or hot water will facilitate drying. If one has any humidity at all around, never ever postpone cleaning. Push the pins out and simply lift the barrel. Much easier to clean without any risk of staining the wood. Surf up cleaning muzzleloaders, and one can find plenty of info.

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#3328157 - 09/23/09 09:14 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: Capt_Nemo]
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Perhaps I shouldn't be answering in this forum, because I'm not a gun writer. I don't even pretend to be one. However, I've cleaned lots of muzzle loaders.

I don't bother with boiling water, although it has the advantage of drying faster than cold water. Glass cleaner with ammonia, mixed with an equal volume of water works well.

After taking the barrel out of the stock, I put the breech end of the barrel in a plastic container with the cleaning mixture. I then put a wet, snug fitting bore mop on a cleaning rod and run it up and down the bore. It will pull cleaning solution into the bore through the flash hole, ensuring that the flash hole is clear and clean. After that, a quick wipe down, dry and lube and you're done. It only takes a couple of minutes.
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#3328230 - 09/23/09 09:54 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: doubletap]
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One thing I did to help make my life less miserable, is switch from black powder to a black powder substitute, made by American Pioneer. I suppose it doesn't have the luster or allure of the real deal but, it's easy as hell to clean up.

#3328257 - 09/23/09 10:11 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: Scorpion]
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I can't comment on the American Pioneer powder,but triple 7 and Pyrodex, powder or pellets, aren't worth squat in a flinter. I use FFFg black powder in both of my flinters. Goex works well, but Swiss is more powerful and a bit easier to clean. I've been shooting rocklocks for 30+ years and I completey strip my rifles to clean. The bucket method works very well with either hot water or the mixture mentioned above. NEVER leave a piece fouled with black powder set overnight! The barrel will pit, since the fouling is hydroscopic, and you will have a great tomato stake.

#3328449 - 09/23/09 11:15 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: Stoneybroke]
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I pull the barrel off anytime I clean a ML, and I don't recommend cleaning it in the stock as oils and so fourth drain into the wood.. I prefer to swab the barrel with natures best..Hot soapy water followed by a hot rinses..The water is so hot it heats the steel and drys quickly..also scrub the action and nipple etc. oil the bore wipe the parts with oil ever so lightly, and put it up. When your ready to shoot it again, swab the bore dry and your good to go...Yes I also use the bucket method and I also use FFFG in a flinter..Be sure and clean as soon as possible or practicle after firing is a good practice and don't let it set overnight or for a day or two as you will ruin the bore...
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#3328571 - 09/23/09 11:58 PM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: atkinsonhunting]
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If the barrel on your rifle is indeed pinned in, rather than held in place by one or two barrel keys, as hooked breech muzzle loaders are, don't remove the barrel. Doing so will eventually cause issues with the small barrel pins and their fit in the stock.

#3328677 - 09/24/09 12:25 AM Re: How do you clean a flintlock? [Re: TNrifleman]
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The best way is to remove the barrel, fill a bucket with hot water and dish soap. Stick the muzzle in the water and run a brush up and down the barrel the brush will pull the water up the barrel. Then use patches or a mop. Scrub real good. Then take barrel out of water and wipe with patches until dry. The hotter the water the better, doesn't need to be boiling though. If the water is hot it dries faster. Then put a light coat of good gun oil inside and out and reinstall barrel. Thats the way I always cleaned mine and never had a problem. Always shot good the next time, never corroded or rusted. It's really pretty easy and simple.
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