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#3340321 - 09/28/09 03:04 PM Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen
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was reading an article out of a March 2007 "Shooting Illistrated" titled "Elmer Keith was Right"

In the article, the 06 case was necked up or down from 6 mm to 375 caliber...6mm, 25 cal, 6.5mm, 270 cal, 7mm, 30 cal, 8mm, 338 Cal, 35 Cal and 375 caliber..

the most commonly used "heavy for caliber" bullets were used..

the 06 with a 180 spitzer was listed with an MV of 2900 fps...which most of us would considered hot..

although not the focus of the article, what I thought was interesting was a chart listing Muzzle energy, and then retained energy out to 300 yds...

also interesting was the drop of the bullet with a 2.5 inch at a 100yds zero...

the 06 with a 2900 fps MV, had ME of 3360 ft lbs... and at 300 yds ME was 2150...trajectory was 7 inches low at 300...

two surprising states to me, were the 338/06 with a 250 grainer having an MV of 2550 fps..

and then a 375/06 Whelen with a 300 grain Spitzer...

the 338/06 had ME of 3610,and retained 2565 of it at 300 yds, with a drop of 9.5 inches...

never using it myself, but it warrants a look see for Elk hunters...the 375/06 Whelen..

MV was 2500... ME was 4165 ft/lbs... at 300 yds retained energy was a whopping 2860 ft/lbs and the trajectory drop was 9.5 inches once again..

ya get those big bullets moving, they don't give up much momentum as they fly away from the muzzle..

with Stats like the 375/06 I am surprised you don't see and hear about a lot more guys carrying those for elk hunting..

even my 338/06 looks pretty lethal, with a 250 grainer and an MV of 2400 or 2500 fps.. for about anything ya might wanna hunt..
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#3340441 - 09/28/09 03:55 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: Seafire]
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I'm a little weirded out by some of those numbers. For instance, how is an '06 case throwing a 300gr bullet at 2500 when my much larger .340 case is maxed out (at least by Hodgdon data) at 2570 with only a 275 grainer? Moreover, the hottest max load for the .375 H&H (again per Hodgdon) is only 145fps faster and that's with a compressed load of 4350.
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#3340660 - 09/28/09 05:41 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: guyandarifle]
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Pressure test data for a .375 Hawk from Z-hat CD(.375-06 improved or .375 Gibbs) shows 3450 fps. is absolute max with 300 gr. Only slightly slower than a .375 H&H. It is about like the .30 Gibbs just equals a factory .300 H&H. Try a .375 Hawk with a 250 gr.; it is a great elk killer. Also a 235 at 2850 my gun.

#3340969 - 09/28/09 07:45 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: Seafire]
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2900 fps with an '06 and 180 gr. bullets ? What's that ? The Federal HE load out of a 26 inch barrel ?
Be interesting to see how well that ammo handles 90 degree temperatures.
I understand the .375-06 has never been popular due to the lack of shoulder of the case.
You'd probably be better off using the .350 RM or the .284 Win cases. E

#3341594 - 09/28/09 11:16 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: Eremicus]
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The shoulder deal on the .375 -06 or its variants is a fantasy of people who drink and talk guns too much. The Hawk line has a 17.5 dg shoulder and it work fine up to .411. My only grip is that the angle isn't steep enough and I get stretching. To me the real pain is case forming from 35-06 brass. I will try 30-06 cylinderical brass for the next batch. Dave Schovill has an article in Rifle about working up the Hawk line. Find it; it is a great reference. The load data is in the Barnes manual's 3 &4.

I get 2825 with either 235 Speers or TSX's. in 90 deg. TX weather.

#3341615 - 09/28/09 11:24 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: Docbill]
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The 375 whelen might be worth another look see. I wanted to build one previously but backed out and ended up with a 375 H&H. I sold the 375 H&H while cutting back on rifles. What powders are you using docbill?
JOC was right. The 270 Winchester on a Model 70 is a great combination as is the 30/06 and 375 H&H

#3341669 - 09/28/09 11:41 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: raybass]
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Why not just get a 9.3x62 and load to modern pressures?

#3341673 - 09/28/09 11:42 PM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: raybass]
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My first suggestion is go to the Z-Hat home page and look at the .375 Hawk data and I think the Scoville/Rifle Hawk article is there. Also the 3 & 4 Barnes manuals. Z-Hat has a CD with a bunch of load data and most of it is pressure tested from the fellow that started North Fork Precision. My loads are IMR 4895 and RL-15. IMR 4320 will work also.

On top of this I have it in a Rem. 760 pump. My max. loaded length is 3.25" because of the ejection port size. A bolt gun will let you load longer.

The .411 Hawk duplicates, on a '06 hull, the 400/450 rimmed British cart. Want to hunt elk in the pole patches and buffalo with the same gun?

#3341918 - 09/29/09 12:48 AM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: Docbill]
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There's an article on the .375 Whelen Improved in HANDLOADER #119, Jan.-Feb. 1986.

#3342238 - 09/29/09 02:17 AM Re: Brief Look at the 375/06 Whelen [Re: lotech]
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Geez, you mean this isn't the latest news?

Would also like to hear the results of the hundreds of elk taken with the .375/06 and various others cartridges that prove, once and for all, that Elmer was right.

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