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#3660460 - 01/09/10 11:49 PM 98 Mauser on a diet
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Fellow Campfire Members;
This is a rundown on the latest project coming out of my shop.

I started with a parts gun Mauser 98, this one actually made by Mauser and added a Parker Hale .270 Featherweight contour barrel.

At some point last fall, I decided it might be an interesting experiment to see how light I could make this rifle, without rebarreling with a fluted barrel.

This is the starting weight with a walnut stock, Parker Hale trigger, Timney Buehler-type safety,Pachmayr recoil pad, Leupold M8 4X sitting in steel Redfield type rings and bases, a leather sling, reworked steel military magazine box and trigger guard and 4 rounds of 140gr. ammo. Itís a long story, but that magazine only holds 4. blush

This is the Wildcat Composites blank I started with. I was impressed with a number of things on this stock and would buy another in a heartbeat.

I was surprised that the aluminum magazine/trigger guard weighed this much.

This is a commercial steel magazine/trigger guard before I drilled it full of holes, which cut less than 1 oz. off of it. Poor return for an hourís work I felt. frown

These Bushnell rings had the dubious distinction of being both the lightest and the ugliest rings I could find in my parts bins. Including bases, they would see-saw pretty close with Talley Lightweights that Iíve weighed.

This is the finished weight including a Pachmayr Decelerator, 6X Leupold Compact, ugly Bushnell rings, Weaver bases, Boonie Packer Safari Sling and 5 rounds of 140gr. ammo.

This is one view outside today.

This is the other side.

I'll just rust blue the magazine/trigger guard now and start to play with some loads for this fall.

Thanks for looking in to my latest project.

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#3660736 - 01/10/10 12:59 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: BC30cal]
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Nicely done. Hard to get a Mauser down under 8lbs as you found out.

#3660768 - 01/10/10 01:11 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: Karnis]
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Very Nice cool cool
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#3660871 - 01/10/10 01:46 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: hillbillybear]
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Cool Dwayne, I like projects.

Next time just start with a small ring 98 HVA action and you will be below that number without doing anything......

#3661030 - 01/10/10 02:24 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: Steelhead]
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I recently handled a Mauser that appeared to have a McMillan ADL-style stock with an AL trigger guard. It felt VERY much lighter than a normal Mauser sporter. The barrel was a standard contour shank, not Win. featherwieght style.

BC30cal, is that stock 18.0oz or 1lb, 8.0oz"


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#3661051 - 01/10/10 02:30 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: Steelhead]
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I didn't know that, thanks.

I can't recall ever playing with a small ring 98. Are they more or less the diameter of a 96 but the length of a 98 then?

Up until a few years ago regular 98's were cheap up here. I can't recall paying more than $50 for one, but then some folks figure that's about what they're worth! laugh

This one was $35 for the action, and I got the barrel for doing some pruning for a friend who wouldn't let me do it for nothing like I wanted to.

In retrospect, I likely should have quit spending money then. blush

Ah well, keeps me out of mischief and the economy going I guess. whistle

Have a good weekend Scott and thanks again for the HVA info, I'll have to keep an eye out for one.

The most important stuff in life isn't "stuff"

#3661053 - 01/10/10 02:31 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: bcp]
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The stock is 18oz. without the Decelerator on it.

The Decelerator added just over 5oz.

The most important stuff in life isn't "stuff"

#3661114 - 01/10/10 02:49 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: BC30cal]
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Thanks for posting this, I've got a Mark X in 7X57, IIRC it goes 8lb - 1 oz bare except weaver bases, if I keep it I definetly wan't to put it on a diet.

"The Decelerator added just over 5oz." Dwayne

MPI stocks (in Portland, OR) carrys (at least they used to) a pachmayr decelerator pad that had no steel in it, which you don't need if you are gluing (superglue) the pad to the stock (vs screwing it on).

You only lose a little over an ounce, so I wouldn't bother unless putting one on anyway, priced about the same.

Also there is the flip flop pad, which I haven't tried yet, so can't comment on the weight savings/functionality.

Steelhead or anyone else,

What do the HVA small ring actions weigh vs the large ring Mauser action? I saw a HVA model 51L{think this was the model #} (J.C.Higgins 30-06) that the owner CLAIMED weighed about? 6 pounds a wood stock (no ammo or sling). Even though the bottom metal was aluminum, the stock rather trim and the action a small ring...I find that rather hard to believe!


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#3661303 - 01/10/10 03:43 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: jerrywoodswalker]
Biathlonman Offline
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I put a 98 on a diet too. Started with a Husky 9.3x62, that big hole in the barrel will give you some weight savings. On my 9.3 I went with a limbsaver and it added about the same weight (Bansner)

I have done the flip-flop pad on lighter recoiling rifles. It will give you a lot less then 5 ounces, like in the neighborhood of an ounce if I recall correctly, maybe two, and the recoil handling is fine for me with the lighter kicking guns.

I can't tell if yours has one or not, but I had the stripper clip hump milled off mine which saved a little, and a model 70 two position, which I think shaved just a touch.

#3661440 - 01/10/10 04:20 AM Re: 98 Mauser on a diet [Re: jerrywoodswalker]
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IIRC, 40oz on the Husky with alloy bottom metal. A g33 type small ring is about the same with steel.

Alloy bottom metal will save you 4oz. So if the guy was using a small ring with a pencil barrel like the vintage Browning's (2#) and alloy bottom metal, then his stock could weigh up to 26oz all up to meet the 6# mark (without a scope).

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