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#382157 - 11/29/04 Sako Tikka recall update
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This morning, 29 Nov 2004, I spoke with Randall at Beretta's Customer Service, he said the recall is less of a serial number range issue, and more of a specific rifles in the serial range issue.

He said that the rifles in question have nearly all been sent back to Beretta, and to tell folks that the recall worked. He said that if you were not contacted by Beretta or by your dealer by now, you're OK.

If you have doubts, call them and ask for info by serial number.

This was prompted by a discussion over at


"To all who have these rifles in stainless regardless of caliber.I just got off the phone with the Tikka rep for Canada and they gave me the serial number block for the recalled Tikka rifles. The serial numbers range from 419140 to 461951.These are in the Tikka T3 stainless rifles , I'm not sure of the serial numbers for Sako rifles but both rifles use the same barrel manufacturer. It took me about an hour of persuading to get the serial number list from the Tikka rep.The steel that is used in the making of the barrels is in question not the receivers.Apparently the steel has a high content of sulfur or some other additive to make the steel workable upon forging and finishing resulting in brittle barrels.Other people with these rifles have called or emailed Tikka and they will tell you your gun is not affected by the recall.The rep kept telling me the company policy and saying the rifle I was about to buy was not affected by the recall but it clearly fell within the serial number block he provided. They told me that everyone who bought one of these rifles will be getting a letter stating the recall and how to send it back.At first they were doing barrel replacements and now they are replacing the whole gun .Covering their asses I say !!
Here is the contact number for Stoeger Canada, they are the Canadian distributor for Tikka and Sako rifles. 1 800 263-1945 ask for Peter.
The American distributor is Beretta USA at 1 800 636-3420 . I checked and there is nothing on the site about the recall, I guess I'm not surprised by that. :shock:HOLY CRAP THATS 42,811 recalled rifles!!!!No wonder its not all over the papers !!"
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#382158 - 11/29/04 Re: Sako Tikka recall update
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David -

I sincerely hope yours is OK. I also have to agree with posters at who were appalled by Sako's lack of forthcoming. As they point out, had it been a Ruger you would see full page adds. With Sako you have to find out about it over the internet or hope they call you. How many Sako owners won't get the call because they are not the original buyer or have moved, changed phone numbers, etc?

Spooky. I'll keep buying Rugers.
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#382159 - 11/29/04 Re: Sako Tikka recall update
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Appalling, indeed.

"nearly all are returned". How nearly comforting. Dutch.
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#382160 - 11/30/04 Re: Sako Tikka recall update
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"nearly all returned" what kind of bullsh%t is that? I won't
be doing any business with Beretta or its holdings in the future!

#382161 - 12/08/04 Re: Sako Tikka recall update
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David Walter - I tried your link but it is not responding - Are you sure it's right? I'm very concerned about this as I have a T3 Laminated stainless coming and it should be here any week. Glad they're replacing the rifles but hell I've already waited for almost a year for this one. Thanks for the heads up. I'll definately be checking about mine when it arrives.

#382162 - 12/08/04 Re: Sako Tikka recall update
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I did not realize the post above had the URL truncated.

Call the number shown in my post above. I did, and in ten minutes (9 waiting for a human, one in conversation) I knew my rifle was not part of the recall.

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