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#4192609 - 06/25/10 01:25 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: TC1]
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heard you could use 7x57 ammo in a .275 rigby in a pinch. wink
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#4192647 - 06/25/10 01:38 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: TC1]
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Strictly speaking the "military mausers" were not heat treated. Rather, they were case hardened which consists of creating a very hard "skin" on the surface of the 8620 steel used. The skin is at least 5 thousandths thick and may be 10 or 15. This created a very slick surface which wears well but maintains a maleable core. Considering the ammo available and battle conditions, the receivers were designed to bulge rather than blow. Also the std pressures were 48,000 CUP and under, which did not require as deep a hard skin as more modern ctgs.

The comment that the pre WW2 actions were military junk displays a total lack of knowledge re mausers. Actually the pre war actions were some of the very best ever made if not the very best. They were produced on the same productions lines were the sporting rifles were made. They were all nearly perfect in fit and finish. The Germans had strict controls on the number of firearms which they could produce imposed as a result of the terms of the end of WW1. So they built new factories and trained a large number of gunmakers. The rifles produced prior to large scale increases in production were gone over by about 3 or 4 times the number of men actually needed.

Of course some of the actions seen today have been abused but there have never been better quality mausers made ever, even today. The FN's comml actions are harder but they do not compare to the best of the pre WW2 "military" rifles.

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#4192680 - 06/25/10 01:50 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: butchlambert1]
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Originally Posted By: butchlambert1
This is my 7X57 Mexican mauser.

This is my favorite of all my customs.

Sweet! wink
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#4192695 - 06/25/10 01:54 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: BobinNH]
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That is pretty. Doubt I would take it out hunting though.

#4194059 - 06/25/10 04:50 PM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: RDFinn]
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Right on and a good post...

IMO the Mauser action is the premier action for a custom rifle. I like the Chilean 1935, the small rings such as the G33-40 or 1935 German Customs version of the G33-40, and there are the 1908s and Mexicans. Lots of others but these are my favorites..I test and action before I soften and reharden it..Some don't need it, as Jack Belk says hardening some Mausers is akin to painting a tin barn, it serves no purpose..Not sure thats right and its an argueable point, but I have never had a Mauser I used develope headspace or blow up..some were hardened and some were not.

The best Mauser ever built? The Commercial Brno mod. 21 and 22 hands down. they don't need customizing.

I will have a pretty nice Mexican 7x57 for sale on the classified today or tomorrow..I took it in trade and its pretty nice for a hunting rifle.
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#4195976 - 06/26/10 05:50 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: OUTCAST]
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Originally Posted By: OUTCAST
Originally Posted By: RinB
Using the way back machine... In the 1970's there were some mauser 98 type action being made in spain and imported in the US. There were some issues with case hardening. They would fit the price point of the Herter's rifle. Buyer beware.

I believe those were sold under the name Santa Barbra. It may have been the same action sold by Herter's on the J9 rifle.


The Herters I picked up is fortunately marked as a CZ. Wasn't aware there were problems with the Santa Barbra heat treat though, guess I got lucky.

#8572696 - 02/12/14 03:52 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: 86thecat]
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I realize this is a pretty old thread but it's the best one I've found regarding various Mauser types so I'll tag my question on here and maybe someone else will enjoy reading this one like I just did.

I was looking for info on the FN commercial mausers because I just found a nice one in 270 for sale locally for $449 but they already offered to go $400 plus tax. I'm trying to get it for $400 out the door but might cave and take their offer which would be about $450 out the door.

At this point, I can't provide info like model, date, proofs etc but can describe it somewhat.

Metal condition is good, wood is good with no cracks but the finish is spotty in places. Checkering is very fine and well done with an interesting border line about 1/8"out from the rest of the pattern. In the grip panel area, the bottom edge near the grip cap has a distinctive row of circles just inside the border that are about BB size.

Bore looks really excellent and the action is slick and solid. The trigger is single stage, crisp and about 2-3 pounds if I had to guess.

Oddly, there appeared to be no tear sight and no provision for one. It has a 2 piece Weaver Scope base but no scope. I suspect it may have been intended to have a rear peep. There were two holes on the right side rear receiver ring about half hidden under the wood. I guess you'd have to remove wood to install the peep?

Any info or"enabling comments" will be appreciated.

#8573115 - 02/12/14 11:59 AM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: Mule Deer]
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Originally Posted By: Mule Deer
After having messed around with a lot of Mausers over the decades, I'll start by saying that Jlin222's long post is a very good overview.

Now I'll provide my own opinions, based on my experiences:

1) It's silly to use anything except a 98 Mauser action.

2) It's also silly to use anything a commercial action such as FN or Mark X these days--unless you just want to spend the money in order to say you have a sporter on the 1909 Arentine action, for instance.

When military actions were really cheap this was different, but these days a good (no pitting, desirable model) military 98 action can cost as much as an FN or Mark X, and you've only just started. It makes more sense to buy an action that's already scope-ready, and may even have a decent trigger and safety.

While FN's are more finely-finished than Mark X's, it doesn't take much to polish up the problem areas of a Mark X (generally the slot in the tang).

Plus, an older Mark X has a good hinged floorplate, and a decent adjustable trigger. You may or may not want to replace the trigger-safety with a Winchester Model 70 style safety on the bolt shroud.

Many FN actions, on the other hand, have non-hinged floorplates and pretty funky triggers. Both work OK but aren't as nice as the Mark X hinged floorplate or trigger.

Very often you can find complete Mark X rifles for $350 or less, sometimes even in 7x57. The Mark X barrels were pretty darn good, and if you find a 7x57 it would probably shoot very well.

Since when is spending money silly? No luggage rack on a hearse best I can tell. Also, I have a very nice 7x57 Swede built by Jim Wisner that, well, seems near ideal and little more than folks are spending on their fantastic synthetic wonders... grin

#8573461 - 02/12/14 02:33 PM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: EdM]
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the lightning cuts on a g.33/40

#8575049 - 02/12/14 11:06 PM Re: Mauser Actions [Re: 22WRF]
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Not sure if this is a 7x57 or 7mm rem mag, or 7mm something else ( question to the seller should resolve that), but here is a Mark x in 7mm something.

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