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#5083478 - 03/25/11 11:53 PM Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr.
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Hello I am a new member and am really gald I stumbled on this great forum.

I have a few rugers and CZs already but they are so good they are taken care off like prized pocessions and I hate to use them as every day tools on the farm.

I am thinking about getting one Marlin Bolt detachable action magazine fed rifle for use around the farm. I like the looks of the one with the hardwood stock but have never fired a Marlin. I was wanting opinions on the rifle in general and the magazine in particular. Any opinions on the bolt, accuracy, trigger etc.

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#5083489 - 03/26/11 12:28 AM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: Lionclaw]
dannycreasy Offline

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I had a Marlin 925M that I purchased like new from a Pawn Shop in 2006 for $125. I mounted a Nikon Prostaff 2-7 shotgun scope on it and it proved to be an accurate and sturdy companion. It really loved the Remington ammunition with the Hornady bullet but I usually kept it zeroed with the less expensive Federal MaxiMags. The seven round mag was reliable.

My best friend talked me out of it last year for muskrat control out on the lake. He is nuts about the rifle and I'm happy that it ended up with somebody that could use it for what it was intended and not just punching paper like I do.

When I was a kid I purchased a tube fed Marlin 783 Magnum to hunt groundhogs and squirrel. It had a heavy trigger but it was incredibly acccurate. I could post three shot 1 inch groups at 100 yards with Winchester jacketed hollow points (the newer 925M was not quite this accurate). I killed groundhogs up to 125 yards with it and squirrels up to 80 yards. I regret selling it.

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#5083534 - 03/26/11 03:53 AM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: dannycreasy]
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I still have my 783 and a 925 22LR, I find them to be excellent weapons. All of my kids have one as well.

I would recommend one of the new ones with the "Accu" type trigger FWIW.

#5084416 - 03/26/11 09:55 AM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: Lionclaw]
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Welcome to 24-HCF!

I have a few Marlin RF bolt guns in 17HMR, 22LR, and 22MRF. I like the 17HMRs and 22MRFs because Marlin includes both a 4-shot and a 7-shot magazine. The 7-shot magazines extend way below the bottom of the stock, making them awkward to carry in 1 hand, but the 4-shot magazine is almost flush with the bottom of the stock, so they are easy to carry in 1 hand.

I have the 917S and 917VS-SF in 17HMR and the 982S in 22MRF. I like these stainless/synthetic rifles because they don't need as much TLC and maintenance as do blued CM rifles. You might consider the new XT-22MR, or the old 925MR, which are the blued CM Marlin 22MRF with a synthetic stock. The Marlin RF bolt guns are more "man sized" than some other brands, so the sythetic stock aren't as thin/narrow as some other brands.

As with most RFs, these rifles are ammo brand and bullet weight particularm, so you may need to try several brands of ammo before you find the best match for your specific rifle. The Marlins that I own have grooved receivers and came with Weaver-style bases that fit the factory d&t holes on the top of the receiver. I have 2-7x, 3-9x, and 4-12x scopes mounted on these rifles, using the factory bases and Warne rings.


#5085413 - 03/26/11 04:23 PM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: 260Remguy]
Swampman700 Offline
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The 2 I've owned were accurate, but wouldn't feed reliably. Gave them away.
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#5085525 - 03/26/11 05:05 PM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: Swampman700]
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Marlin trouble free and accurate. My 917VS 17HMR worked perfect out of the box. So fun and worth the time it's now bedded in a custom stock with a Rifle Basics trigger. Fun enough to want to build another...
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#5085526 - 03/26/11 05:05 PM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: Swampman700]
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I have a Marlin 882 in ss and with a detach mag. It is extremely accurate.

I too prefer the CZ and the trigger is much easier to tweek than the Marlin.

#5085599 - 03/26/11 05:26 PM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: stray round]
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I owned, and sold, a very nice 22 mag 882. I used to shoot groundhogs to 125 yards or so with head shots. Worked great, but had a super heavy trigger. I didn't know then that I could have fixed it myself. Wish I still had it.

#5085695 - 03/26/11 05:52 PM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: DakotaDeer]
klondike_mike Offline
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I have a 25N 22 LR. I hate the thing! It wears a cheapo Chinese scope and it shoots better than my 10-22, 77-22 and an Anshutz. smile Go figure. Mike
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#5086867 - 03/27/11 07:51 AM Re: Opinions on Marlin Bolt action .22 wmr. [Re: klondike_mike]
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Well if you are interested in one, I'd purchase it soon...

looking at Marlin's on line catalog.. it appears Remington, who owns it, is scrapping the series that has been around for 50 years... an is replacing it with some cheap crap I am sure..
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