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#5105960 - 04/01/11 Magnum Research .22 mag
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Any body have one of these or shot one???

I have an opporutnity to purschase one and for the kind of $$ they want for it, I would love to hear some reviews.

I have heard the trigger is crappy and most replace it iwth an aftermarker trigger.


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#5111726 - 04/03/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: 257wthbylover]
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Isn't the MR a direct clone of the 10/22? If so trigger issues may not be a problem.

But....... If you are interested I have a buddy with a 597 magnum that has proven to be reliable that he's thinkin about sellin. I'm sure we could even arrange a shooting session. Drop me a PM if you're interested.


BTW, we're in central Iowa.

#5113697 - 04/04/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: L_Killkenny]
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I've never heard of an issue with MR. I believe Chris is correct that they accept Ruger parts. You could also build your own, maybe cheaper with what ever brands you wnat (mix and match), and maybe get a better gun than the "stock" MR. Midway USA would be my first place to go.

BTW, North East Iowa.
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#5114977 - 04/04/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: TysonT]
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Thanks guys.....

I actually have a 597 HBLV.... its shoots GREAT!!!!! I did put a different trigger spring in, in both actually, the .22LR and .22 Mag. The factory triggers springs were terrible.

As for the Mag Research...yes, they do accept ruger parts. I had just did quite a bit of research and it seems like most folks said to replce the trigger.

I dont NEEEED antoher one, but that light MR vresion is soooo sweet to handle.

Thanks for the input.

#5115289 - 04/04/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: 257wthbylover]
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I really like mine for it's handiness and ergonomics. It weighs about 6lbs with a FX-3 6x42 and a mag full of ammo. The materials from which it is constructed are impervious to all conditions. It cannot rust and I like that about a "knockaround" type rifle.

Yes the trigger needs replaced but I will not buy another Timney for mine. I've had two now and after being really good initially both have been returned because of slam fires, failure to reset, and creep. I initially thought it was a problem with the set screws moving but after applying Loc-tite I still had the same issues. No more Timneys for me.

The gun itself is very accurate 3/4" for 5 shots at 75yds but it will only shoot this well with two types of ammo......the Hornady 30gr V-max load and the CCI 30 gr Maxi-Mag + V. The Hornady load suits my needs so it's no big deal.

A note on accuracy, my rifle is really sensitive to the tightness of the action screw. Too tight and it won't shoot for shi++. Remember this when you begin to test loads.

Also with the integral scope rail you can easily end up with a scope mounted too high. Buy the lowest low rings you can get and you will be fine. BTW, Midway lists the height of all it's rings under specs., I found this very helpful.

I shopped around and ended up getting my MR for about $650 shipped. Overall I really like the rifle at that price. There is really a lot to be said for a light, impervious, accurate, semi-auto 22-mag...............


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#5118630 - 04/05/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: xverminator]
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Thank you very mcuh Xvermiatnor. I like the pic!!!!

The one i am looking at is the carbon fiber bbl as well. Thanks for the tip on the action screw as well. I will keep that in mind. My favorite .22 ammo that has shot soooo well in my other 2 (of which i only have one now), is Rem accutip (use to be vmax) and is 33 gr.

Maybe i will just have to pull the trigger on gettiing this one. It is brand new in box that a local guy got and I can get it for $650 as tax, no shipping. the time i scope it up, etc... $900+ in a .22 mag , when i already own a good one. Oh the curse of the addiction....................

#5120212 - 04/06/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: 257wthbylover]
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#5127278 - 04/08/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: LocoJoe]
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I have a MR in .22mag. Mine has been very accurate with 30gr Vmax and Rem 33gr Vmax.

The trigger is horrible, but I haven't replaced mine yet.

Mine will shoot roughly 1" at 100yds with Rem 33gr's.

I had my weaver rails opened up to picatanny to accommodate my NV. I also had my receiver coated in graphic black cerakote and had my bolt bead blasted.

Only thing I'm not too crazy about the MR is the integra sight rail sits a little high and the lack of comb on the stock doesn't help the situation.

#5129347 - 04/08/11 Re: Magnum Research .22 mag [Re: SuperSeal110]
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Good looking rig!!!

I have heard that the reail sits high. Thanks for the insights and the sharing of your weapon!



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