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#5823036 - 11/18/11 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: linemountain]
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Glad you survived - that is a helluva way to get introduced to a cartridge!
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#5873505 - 12/03/11 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: linemountain]
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Originally Posted By: linemountain
Originally Posted By: 99guy
32 Special just makes things dead.

Dead is dead. There are no degrees of dead. Twist, velocity, muzzle energy, grain of bullet, etc., etc., etc.

You get shot with a 32 special you are going to be dead. What else is there?

LOL...I was actually shot with one in a hunting accident way back in 1973....Didn't kill me but made me awful miserable !
Holy smoke linemountain, that is taking field tests a bit far!

#5873517 - 12/03/11 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: IdahoElkHunter]
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I love my 1958-built 94 .32 WIN not just because it was my first big-game rifle, but it is beautiful to view and handle, and it is not just another 30-30.

I have in fact, reloaded it with blackpowder. Incredible the reduction in performance compared to smokeless, and a mess to clean up of course. But oh, the satisfaction of all that smoke!

#6010614 - 01/07/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: IdahoElkHunter]
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Should you "need" probably the rarest factory made 32 Win.Special---- call the Cabela's Gun Library in Boise,Id. Remington-Lee in Orig.Stock..still there last week,Ask if over $ 2 K...I thought my Rem-Lee in 30/30 was rare enuff,but doubt if they every made ten in 32 Sp...Idabull

#6010803 - 01/07/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: Idabull]
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I had a Remington-Lee in .30/40 and one in .38/55. They have always held some appeal to me. There was a minty one in .405 on auction a couple years ago - RIA I think and I really drooled over that one. I had looked at the pictures of the .32 spl. Cabela's had - something was wrong with the stock IIRC.

#6015193 - 01/08/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: boltman]
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I have 2 pre war 84 in 32WS. I also have 3 94's in 30/30. But the 32's hold a special place for me and are the lever actions I reach for when I want to shoot my lever actions. Both of my grandfathers hunted 32's their entire lives and took countless deer and elk with them. My Dad and Mom as well as their siblings hunted with and shot their first big game with those same 32's. Because of the nostalgia associated with that caliber in the Winchester 94 I have a real soft spot for it.
William Berger

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#6043086 - 01/14/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: M1Tanker]
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I had several relatives (including myself) hunt with .32 specials when I was younger. No one was interested in hunting with a .30-30. Yes, I have a special spot too.

#6514546 - 05/18/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: boltman]
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My first post here. I had a Winchester Model 94 Saddle Ring Carbine in 32 WS that was build in 1922. About 3 years ago, that gun along with about 30 other rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and handguns were stolen, along with the safe they were in. Sad day as that Winchester belonged to my Granfather, who received it as a gift from one of the many men he helped who worked at a local CCC camp during the Great Depression. It had two notches on the forgrip for two Michigan state champion bucks it shot.

About a year ago, I cam across a new Model 94 (full rifle) in an Angle Eject model (I can attach a scope) - in 32 Winchester Special. It was new in box, though it was build in 1982. It's a great rifle, but I've yet to find scope rings that fit the top of the rifle properly.

This buck was shot at 270 yards from an upright sitting position and no rifle sling.

I love the 32WS cartridge and I'm more of the opinion that the rifle cartridge was designed purely for an improvement over the 30-30 toward a higher muzzle velocity and flatter trajectory. See this article here.

You definately feel the extra muzzle velocity over the 30-30 and I have the ruptured capilaries in my shoulder to prove it! After shooting a box of ammo, I'm whimpering prior to pulling the tringger in anticipation of the punishment!

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#6514600 - 05/18/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: TexasMoose]
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Very nice Sir.
NRA Benefactor Member.

At my age I don't worry about recoil pads and extra holes for a side mount anymore.

#6515116 - 05/18/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: fatjack34]
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I have been told that the 32 Win Spl was designed to shoot cast lead bullets more accurately than the 30-30 or 25-35. The larger, 0.320", bore and slower ROT made it (sort of) a modernized 32-40 and the 32-40 was (sort of) the 6mm PPC of its day.

I once owned a minty Marlin 336 SD, the deluxe sporting carbine, in 32 Win Spl for awhile and have had seller's remorse going on 22 years now. I still own a minty late 1940s or early 1950s vintage Winchster 94, SN 15783xx.


#6521492 - 05/20/12 Re: 32 Winchester Special [Re: 260Remguy]
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Here's Winchester's intro add for the 32. Notice the support for black powder for the old guys who reloaded.
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