I had been looking for a 62LA for several years and finally found one. I have tried to find out more about these and just what the story on them is. I posted several days ago on another site and got just one reply and that did not have much information.

Does anyone now when they were made? Apox. production numbers? or etc? I have done a lot of searching and keep comming up almost blank. The only other one I have seen was a Stainless version that sold sometime ago - and I only found info on that after it had been sold. (one values book states it'd "doubtfull this model was ever produced")

Many years ago I saw pictures of an experimantal Winchester 1890 based lever action - I always thought it was a nice looking rifle so when I saw the Taurus I wanted one - never expected then to be so hard to find!


I leave to everyones imagination as to why I say this...but do not take one of these down if your just relaxing around home without any shoes on, unlike the pump version, once the lever is seperated the breech block, with pointed corners and all, will fall right out of the gun!!!! I suggest having shoes on!! ......definatly leather and possibly steel toed!!!!

...when someone refers to me as a jerk, they make it sound as if it's a bad thing...