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#6145591 - 02/07/12 10:55 PM New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great!
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Hey all, I've been a member here at the campfire for a while but can't remember having ever posted anything other than "I'll take it" in the classifieds, so hello!

This forum seems to be the place to talk about Kimbers, so here's my story. I am a 260 Remington fan, and have had a Savage 16 for the last year with the Accustock in 260, hunted with it several times and it's been a great(accurate) rifle. However, the new Accustocks are not lightweight in any way, and I do alot of walking/hiking type hunting. The weight at 8 lbs scoped isn't terrible, but I really got a bug about adding a lightweight rifle to my collection. It became my mission to find a Kimber Montana in 260 if I could, or a used one in any caliber at a good price to have rebarreled to 260. I shoot Berger VLD's exclusively, and up till now have only used the 140's. Reports had led me to believe that the Kimber's 1 in 9" twist rate wouldn't stabilize the 140's so I planned on rebarreling in the future in any case and going with the 130 grain bullets at first to see how it would go.

Found a 260 Montana on Gunbroker that was "mint condition with box", and that was reported as perhaps never having been fired. At $975 buy it now it was more than I wanted to spend on the rifle, but I figured I'd go for it and if it shot well out of the box it would save me some money and I could use it till I felt like rebarreling. Bought it, and I do believe it was new in the box, looked to have never been fired except at the factory.

Took it out today for the first time with some 140 grain VLD handloads from the Savage, reseated deeper to fit in the Kimber's magazine and some 130 grain VLD's I had made for the Kimber. I wasn't expecting much with the 140's, and maybe not even the 130's given the 0.090" jump to the lands with the magazine length. I've read all the bad reports out there about Kimbers not shooting well, etc. so it wouldn't have surprised me alot if it didn't do well. After all, who sells a rifle they've "never fired"?

Well, worst group of the entire day was 1.25" @100 yards eith the 130's. Best group with 130's was 0.85" at 100, using 44.0 H4350 and Lapua brass, CCI BR2 primer. Most surprising was that the best group of the day was 0.70" with the 140 grain VLD's that I didn't think would stabilize! This was at 45F degress or so, 600 ft above sea level. All groups with the 140's were under an inch, and all but one with the 130's as well.

I am very pleased with my Kimber, and glad I took a chance. I've read alot about Kimber roulette and have had 2 of their 1911's that just couldn't get reliable, but I guess I was due for a hit. Gonna sell the Savage and I think this is my new go-to for hunting here in Texas!
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#6145720 - 02/07/12 11:24 PM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: RyeDaddy]
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That sounds like a great rifle!

#6145908 - 02/08/12 12:06 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: prm]
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My .260 Little Sky would be one of the last out the door.

Besides the cheap Remmington 140s I grabbed when I picked up the rifle, mine hasn't seen anything but the 120 TSX. Shoots those well below an inch.


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#6146206 - 02/08/12 01:11 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: NH K9]
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I just picked up a .223 Montana, I had to [bleep] with the magazine system a bit to get it working to my liking but now its good to go.

I have 100 factory rounds fired through it so far, and its slowly becoming my favourite boom stick.
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#6146439 - 02/08/12 02:06 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: archie_james_c]
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I just bought my second 84M Classic in .260 to go along with my Steyr SBS Forester. I love them all. I was recently looking at a Montana .260 on GB but they were asking $1100 starting bid which I think is too much for a synthetic stock. Besides, my Steyr is SS so I don't really have to have a Montana.

Glad your's worked out. Congrats.
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#6146642 - 02/08/12 02:53 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: OrangeOkie]
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Sounds like you got a good one. Congratulations.
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#6146657 - 02/08/12 02:57 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: CrimsonTide]
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Damnit I bid on that rifle and didn't meet the reserve. Almost clicked by it now but figured I better check with the wife first since it would of been for her. Next morning gone. Glad it's working out well for you. smirk

#6146680 - 02/08/12 03:03 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: RyeDaddy]
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You SUCK! That was probably the rifle a local dealer had on his rack forever. I held it and bought my 4moa 7/08 84M instead.

#6146709 - 02/08/12 03:12 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: Take_a_knee]
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Pics or it didn't happen laugh

#6147440 - 02/08/12 09:42 AM Re: New-ish Kimber 84M Montana 260 Rem is great! [Re: Jwood1284]
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I've got a 260 in the Classic and like it a bunch. What sort of velocity are you getting with those 140s?

Was also wondering what scope you are using?

Pics would be good!
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